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Who are we?


This is me really enjoying a smoothie…

Josh Salvo .png

As you may already know, my name is Josh Salvo but, what you might not know is that I grew up in North Jersey, home of the Sopranos… No I didn’t know anyone in the mob. I spent most of my life skiing the Ice Coast, before I moved out to SLC, Utah for a season. I now reside in NYC, where I am usually scheming my next ski trip around the world. Thinking Japan is next on the list!

This is Drew with his nephew.

Drew Pfundstein helped me start ReddyYeti while we were in college. He has a bachelor's in computer science and is currently pursuing his masters degree in some technology mumbo jumbo. He's been skiing for 21 years and when he's not coding, he's thinking snow.

This is Matt petting an elephant.

Matt Dello Buono was born and raised in New Jersey, learned to ski at Campgaw Mountain and fell in love with snowboarding at Mountain Creek. While attending the University of Vermont, his interest in outdoor sports blossomed and after graduating with a B.S. in Natural Resources, he moved to Colorado. Along the way he joined up with the Reddyeti team as a writer. After a few months of writing he was given bigger duties as a content manager and eventually helped rebrand the company to what it is today. 


Why WE started Reddyyeti


Did you know there are thousands of new startups in the Outdoor sports industry every year?


How many of them do you know?


In 2010 Drew and I started one of those startups. We wanted to start a ski company that was going to change the way skis were made.

 This is the first pair of skis we ever built

This is the first pair of skis we ever built

In our pursuit of building the perfect pair of skis we stumbled upon other boutique ski companies with the exact same mission. We soon realized there are thousands of these companies in action sports that so many people, like us, have never even heard of.  

 This is me, holding the first pair of pow skis we built. We named them Stormin Norman

This is me, holding the first pair of pow skis we built. We named them Stormin Norman

One thing all of these brands had in common was their love for their sport and their dedication to improving it. At ReddyYeti we want to help these startups grow and progress their sports into something amazing.


We are a small team of friends that came together to accomplish one thing; help startups in the outdoor/action sport industry who are making huge strides technologically, environmentally, and/or philanthropically grow.


We feel that we live in a time that the consumer ( you and I,) can have a greater voice in shaping the future of the outdoor sports world. Which is exactly why we founded ReddyYeti.


Check out Episode 0 of The ReddyYeti Podcast, where Drew and I go into more detail as to why we started ReddyYeti.


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