ReddyYeti is an outdoor club that gives our members access to the most innovative gear from startups and small businesses at exclusive prices.  Get the best gear before anyone has heard of it. The ReddyYeti club offer up to 50% off more than 1,500 products related to Skiing, Snowboarding, Climbing, Camping, Hiking, Bike, Food & Travel. 


Our Mission: 

We created ReddyYeti to help outdoor enthusiast get outside with the latest and greatest gear from up and coming startups and small businesses that very few know about.; while also helping our members save on all their gear purchases.




Who are we?


Josh Salvo

I’m Josh Salvo, I’m from New Jersey, spent most of my life skiing the ice of the East Coast, and eventually succumbed to the lure of the "greatest snow on earth" and moved to Salt Lake City. I now live in New York City,  where I am usually scheming my next ski trip around the world. Next stop: Japan!

matthew dello buono

Matt Dello Buono was born and raised in New Jersey, learned to ski at Campgaw Mountain and fell in love with snowboarding at Mountain Creek. While attending the University of Vermont, his interest in outdoor sports blossomed and after graduating with a B.S. in Natural Resources, he moved to Colorado. Along the way he joined up with the Reddyeti team as a writer. After a few months of writing, he was given bigger duties as a content manager and eventually helped re-brand the company to what it is today. Matt likes animals.


Drew Pfundstein and I started Reddyyeti while we were in college. Yep, we’re that young! Drew is the tech genius of the pack but lest you think his head is buried in code all day, he's been skiing for more than twenty years and is literally always thinking snow.


Reddy The Yeti was born and raised in a remote location somewhere deep in the wilderness. He has a passion for the outdoors, adventure and everything that comes along with it. Reddy is that friend of yours that always says yes to the ski trip, canoe trip, surf trip, backpacking adventure or anything that pertains to getting outside! One could say that Reddy The Yeti is always ready for any and every adventure. He's kind of like our mascot :) 



We are a small team of friends that came together to accomplish one thing; help startups in the outdoor/action sport industry who are making huge strides technologically, environmentally, and/or philanthropically grow.


We feel that we live in a time that the consumer ( you and I,) can have a greater voice in shaping the future of the outdoor sports world. Which is exactly why we founded ReddyYeti.


Check out Episode 0 of The ReddyYeti Podcast, where Drew and I go into more detail as to why we started ReddyYeti.


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