The ReddyYeti Podcast EP: #61 Yeti Chat 7 - Chatting Away About Our Biggest Giveaway To Date

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Yeti Chat 7


For our next giveaway we’re trying something a little different.


MORE brands, MORE stories, and MORE gear to win!


Josh, Drew, and Matt sit down and discuss our biggest giveaway to date and we continue to dish out the chance to win a FREE YEAR of our ReddyYeti Membership



More about the episode...


Josh, Drew, and Matt sit down and drop some details about our HUGE upcoming giveaway, updates with building ReddyYeti, and Drew’s uncontrollable urges to ski (let’s face it, that applies to all of us). Come kick it with the ReddyYeti crew!

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Show Notes



  • We Recently Brought on our 75th Brand and should be breaking 80 within the next couple of weeks!

    • Use the Code YETIPODCAST to get a free month.

  • We drop some more details about our upcoming and biggest giveaway yet.

  • Drew bares his soul about how savagely ready he is for winter!

  • We talk shop about the ReddyYeti progression

    • Josh and Drew share some updates to the ReddyYeti Membership

  • We’re giving 1 year free ReddyYeti Membership! To receive you’re, you’ll need too...

    1. Leave a review on itunes

    2. Take a screenshot of your review

Email it to Josh at and we’ll hook you up with a FREE MEMBERSHIP



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