The ReddyYeti Podcast EP 10: – Quitting corporate to building the largest database of climbing gear! Founders Alison & Andreas sharing their story

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Weigh My Rack

Looking for new gear giving you FOMO and Anxiety?

Get rid of the hassle of comparing gear and let the options come to you!

To find out more behind how Weigh My Rack got it’s start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews Weigh My Rack co founders, Alison Dennis and Andreas Unterschuetz

More about the episode...

Josh sits down with Alison Dennis and Andreas Unterschuetz to talk about their website Weigh My Rack. Weigh My Rack is website where you can compare climbing gear to help climbers find the exact gear that they are looking for by providing specs, reviews, and the history and evolution of various brands. By laying out all the options that are on the market, Weigh My Rack helps its users find gear based off specific needs and preferences with just a few clicks. After Alison and Andreas got fed up with their corporate jobs they decided to hit the road and fully commit to building this invaluable tool to help climbers find the gear they’re looking for. Now they travel and adventure while building their business and helping to remove the stress of gear hunting

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  • What is Weigh My Rack all about? [01:24]

    • “I started Weigh My Rack and part of that idea was literally to weigh your rack… It’s really about researching gear and finding the right gear the first time”

    • “We’re literally collecting every piece of data that’s online and even data that’s not online… putting it all together to make it easy to compare gear side by side...”

  • How long has it taken to gather all this information across all these different brands? [04:16]

    • “It’s literally taken more than three years of solid 50 hours work weeks of someone adding gear every single day to where we are now…”

  • How did you get come up with Weigh My Rack? [05:40]

    • Utilizing Alison's background in computer science and psychology, and Andreas’ experience with product development, they wanted to find a way to take away the anxiety that can come with buying new gear.

    • “What we want to do is take away the overwhelming feeling when buying gear. One of those factors psychologically is know what the options are…”

  • What did you do before Weigh My Rack? [08:25]

    • Alison and Andreas both talk about what caused them to commit to Weigh My Rack as a full time business and how being fed up with boring jobs led them to jump into their new enterprise head first

  • Are there any sites out there who are doing what you’re doing? [11:46]

    • “In terms of a sites like Weigh My Rack we’re kind of a bit of a lot of sites and in some senses we’re a retail site…in some senses it doesn’t feel like we have any direct competitors and people who are doing the exact same thing as us...and then there are other websites that talk about new gear or show videos of new gear…”

    • “When I first started Weigh My Rack I thought it would be an app… the reason I quit Boeing was because I thought I could make a business and make a sustainable living…”

  • What kind of following have you guys been able to build since you started? [17:36]

    • “It’s interesting for me because that’s one of those things that when I started I didn’t focus on as much… It’s only been more recently that we’ve been focusing on engaging more people…”

  • How are you getting in front of the ‘right’ kind of people? [19:40]

    • “One thing we do is talking to other influencers in the climbing area, whether that’s pro athletes … or working with different manufactures to distribute more videos widely…”

  • Have you guys had any mentors to help you along? [22:17]

    • We’ve never had any long term mentors…we’ve talked to a lot of influencers in the industry and gotten tips or tricks in and there. We listen to a lot of business podcasts…we haven't had any consistent mentors and that’s something right now we’re really starting to think about that more…it’s kind of funny because I almost sometimes think about our users as our mentors…”

  • What kind of people would you want on your advisory board? [24:14]

    • “I would say people in the finance world who can advise us on how to strategically take Weigh My Rack to the next level. Because we are financially sustainable at this point, but really upping the game to the point where we can strategically move into other markets as well so we can help more people…”

  • What is the culture behind Weigh My Rack? [26:55]

    • “From a business side and a personal side I think there are three core values that we’ve been committed to and that is openness, inclusiveness, and transparency and plays into everything we do…”

  • What is it like working on Weigh My Rack while living on the road? [30:44]

    • “Generally speaking the hardest part about living on the road, particularly while running an Internet based business is getting internet… when that is your business it makes a bit of a difference…”

    • “Really the lifestyle is absolutely amazing and part of the reason I think it is amazing is because we have a travel trailer in a car, so we can unhook the travel trailer and have that be in the wilderness, and we can drive in, almost like a daily commute into a coffee shop or a library and be able to come back…”

  • What would you say is the hardest part about Weigh My Rack? [37:50]

    • “Having a vision and implementing that vision in a way that we’re happy with. There are so many things you have to do as a small team. As an individual starting a business you have to do everything…”

  • What has been your biggest fear with starting Weigh My Rack? [40:54]

    • “I think in some senses it’s the fear of it not working out in the end…”

    • “My biggest fear is that we do something that changes the users perception of Weight My Rack…I think both of us spend so much effort to try to do things that benefit the users, so to think that we inadvertently do something that wouldn’t fit into that category…”

  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business? [45:03]

    • “Starting a business is so much about who you know in the end...If I was starting the business in the outdoor world, say mountain biking, I would contact all the mountain biking manufacturers I would go to all the trade shows … talk to everyone you possibly can and start building up a following…”

  • Where do you see your business heading into the future? [48:06]

    • “In the next year we’ll definitely have a totally re-designed website, we’ll be able to weigh your rack. We’re going to have more gear types of climbing types”

    • “I think long term, we’re looking at the opportunities to expand into other markets. We’re passionate about skiing, biking, trail running, and climbing… I think those markets can also benefit from Weigh My Rack…”