The ReddyYeti Podcast Ep 12: - The Airbnb of Guided Outdoor Trips. Co-founder Marshall Mosher Sharing His Story

Looking for an adventure? Want to try something new?

Why not find a local who can take you off the beaten path and straight to hidden gems!

To find out more behind how got it’s start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews co founder, Marshall Mosher


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Josh sits down with cofounder, Marshall Mosher., based in Athens, Georgia, is a startup that connects adventurers, outdoor sport enthusiasts, and new experience seekers to guides who are experts in their field and eager to share their passion. With a spark of interest and just a few clicks you can be on your next adventure or, after applying and getting approval individuals can plan and lead their own trip into the outdoors and beyond. Marshall’s philosophy is that everyone’s adventure is different and his vision of turning into a platform that connects you with any type of guided experience regardless of whatever that experience is.

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  • What is all about? [01:21]

    • “We are a peer to peer guide sharing platform, which lets local outdoor enthusiasts create and lead their own guided experiences, so that people who are looking to experience a new area or learn a new sport can do that with the guidance of a local professional…”

  • How did you come up with the idea for [02:30]

    • “I was in the last semesters of my masters program at The University of Georgia…I took an entrepreneurship elective where I really learned what entrepreneurship is… through that class I realized there really was a way to combine my passion for the outdoors with my professional aspiration to be in healthcare in terms of public health...”

  • What’s the significance behind the name ‘Vestigo’? [06:56]

    • It was actually a bit of inspiration from a fellow Athens Georgia entrepreneur, with a company call Amano…”

    • “We thought it would be cool to have a latin word that meant something but also was a unique word in the english language…”

  • What outdoor sports does focus on? [13:00]

    • “We mainly focus on trips that can cater towards entry level activities. Whatever we do we want to be that first experience into that sport for people… we’ve got everything from hiking, backpacking, intro whitewater kayaking, rappelling, climbing... ”

    • “Ultimately the guide is the one who is the creator, they’re the ones that make the trips that usually reflects their interests their usually excited about in the areas that they know best. We’ve had some really unique trips come up that we’d never have thought of ourselves…”

  • How do you find guids for [13:00]

    • “We take the onboarding process and the selection process very seriously. Especially because since we’re not actually creating the trips ourselves or leading, we know the quality of the trips are so important and reflects very much so on us…”

  • How did you fund in the early stages? [19:14]

    • “Our process wasn’t always that thorough. We definitely had to learn through doing, but eventually we realized we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel with this…”

    • “We got connect with a site call bell hops, based out of Chattanooga, TN. They a very thorough onboarding process for their bellhops... “

  • How do you guys start [21:40]

    • What we’ve done so far is that we’ve tried to be as lean as possible, and really cut our burden rate down as much as we possibly can...Myself and our other founder haven’t taken salaries...Fortunately we haven’t had to do Vestigo on the side; we’ve been able to get by with focusing on Vestigo, but still doing other creative things to pay the bills…”

  • What were some of the side hustles you guys would do to keep up and running? [26:04]

    • Marshall describes how, by jumping on the hoverboard crazy, he was able to help raise funds for

  • Have you had any mentors along the way? [31:57]

    • “I learned early on from completely unrelated things that you really can’t and shouldn’t do anything by yourself...we put a lot of focus on trying to find really outstanding mentors… one of our advisors right now is an excellent digital marketer…”

  • What culture exists within Vestigo? [34:56]

    • “In an early stage startup, that’s one of the exciting things about being a startup. I don’t think there is such a thing as a regular day…

  • What has been some of the hardest aspects of building Vestigo? [37:35]

    • The hardest thing was getting started. It was taking that first step in saying ‘I’m going to do this’…

  • What advice would you give someone who wanted to start a business in the outdoor industry? [41:59]

    • “If you’re gonna start something you’re going to have to go through that roller coast we talked about before, a lot of ups and downs. Psychologically and emotionally it’s going to put a toll on, not just you but, your relationships; your girlfriend, your wife, your friends…”

  • What’s in store for the future of Vestigo? [45:50]

    • “Our vision for Vestigo is to be a global platform for local experiences, meaning that you can find locals to take you out on any type of guided experience all around the world…”

    • “Everyone’s version of adventure is different, and while we’re focused on outdoor adventures right now, ultimately we have the vision of being a platform that connects you with any type of guided experience regardless of whatever that experience is…”

  • What is the best part about running Vestigo? [49:20]

“The most exciting things it to be in control of your own future and really know the work you’re doing is directly playing a very large outcome of what happens…”