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When a day trip isn’t enough to satisfy your wanderlust, you’ll need a sleeping bag that can help you fill that burning desire. These top sleeping bags will keep you warm and cozy at night so you can recover from a day of fun and rest up for the next day’s adventure.

Outdoor Vitals

Outdoor Vitals’ whole game is making high quality gear as lightweight and multi-functional as possible. They offer several different sleeping bags, both down and synthetic. One of their top down sleeping bags is the Summit 20 degree bag (2lb 6oz). The Summit bag, included in their flagship premium sleeping bag series, is made with Duck Down and utilizes a grid baffle design to lock the down into key areas of the bag for optimal warmth. Like most down bags, it also compresses down super small and is lighter (and more expensive) than a typical synthetic bag. ($179.97)

That being said, Outdoor Vitals also makes some top notch synthetic sleeping bags as well. These include their StormLight 20 degree bag, made with micro hollow filament insulation. This unique insulation makes this top sleeping bag warmer, lighter, and more water resistant than your typical synthetic sleeping bag (3lb 10.3oz). It’s also a lot cheaper than its down compatriot, coming in at $69.97. Both bags have a lifetime warranty, just like the rest of Outdoor Vitals’ gear.


NoZipp removes zippers from the sleeping bag equation. This means no more wrestling with the zipper with cold or sweaty hands when all you want to do is get out of or into the sleeping bag. This top sleeping bag replaces zipper with a magnetic closure system, super nice for ease-of-use.

The NoZipp sleeping bag also features material overlaps in both the torso and hood sections to keep drafts out. The bag has a contoured hood and cinch with a down-filled neck draft collar and generous leg-cut (accommodating perfectly for side sleepers). This top sleeping bag was awarded Gear of the Year 2016 by 50 Campfires and Best New Camping Gear and Gadgets 2016 by New Atlas. 2lbs 8oz for the 6’2” size, 2lbs 11oz for the 6’8” size. ($299, $254.15 with Reddy Yeti membership and free shipping in the US!)

Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs builds gear and apparel to enable you to lean into your wanderlust. Since 1965, they’ve been committed to supporting a love of the outdoors by producing functional and beautiful equipment at an attainable price. They offer an array of bags (both with and without zippers), and I’d like to highlight one of their top sleeping bags: the Nitro 800 20 degree. Made with PFC-free 800FP Dridown and 15d nylon fabrics, this bag is super lightweight (1lb 12oz). Sierra Designs added in features to adapt to varying weather and temperatures; their patented self-sealing foot vent allows for quick and easy ventilation on warmer nights, while their draft-dodger collar prevents drafts from sneaking in on colder, windier evenings. A big issue with down sleeping bags can be the down shifting and collecting in one part of the bag; the Nitro has 5” baffle spacing and side wall baffles to prevent this shifting and ultimately keeping you warmer and more comfortable. Combine all this with their anti-snag zipper tracks for an easy entrance or escape, and you’ve got a top notch sleeping bag. ($359.95)


Founded in 1989 Poland, Cumulus values simplicity and lightness while retaining durability and quality. They build their sleeping bags using a combination of the best raw materials they can find and direct contact with their clients.

The Lite Line 300, one of their top sleeping bags, was built with two main focuses: functionality and simplicity. Made with ultra-light Pertex Quantum fabric and goose down, the Lite Line 300 weighs just 1lb 5.16oz.  Cumulus constructed this sleeping bag for ultimate comfort, with trapezoid chambers, a shark-fin foot box and an ergonomic and adjustable hood design. On warmer nights, you can actually open the bottom of the sleeping bag for ventilation. The Lite Line 300 is rated at 4 degrees Celsius, or 39.2 degree Fahrenheit, and is great for Spring, Summer, and Fall backpacking and camping. (229,00 EUR, $258.92. $207.14 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Big Agnes

Big Agnes is another smaller outdoor startup getting their name out there with the highest quality materials and high-touch product testing. Based out of Colorado, these folks’ main goal is to inspire outdoor activity and getting into the backcountry. Though they’ve expanded to other products, Big Agnes’ main focus is building the best sleeping bag. This level of dedication shows in their Bolten SL 20 degree bag; it has all the versatility and warmth of a traditional mummy-shaped sleeping ba but without the confined fit that prevents moving around. Made with PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Active, stretch fabric side panels, nylon rip-top shell fabric shell and lining with a water repellent finish, this top sleeping bag provides more mobility and fewer cold spots for a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep in the backcountry. ($289-299.95)


Kelty is a fun-loving outdoor brand, geared towards outdoor adventure and recreation since 1952. Their Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag, made of silky soft polyester for durability and soft touch premium insulation, is human-shaped and allows for plenty of room for movement. One great feature is that they upped the insulation in the hood for a built-in pillow (because who remembers one of those, even if you’re car camping?) In case all that insulation is a little too much on a warmer night, this top sleeping bag has a foot zipper for instant insulation. The Tuck sleeping bag comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. ($89.95)

Swayy Hammocks

Swayy Hammocks bring something a little different to the table - a whole hammock-based sleeping system. Swayy’s origins come from a few too many cold nights fraught with a terrible affliction: CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome). The founders created this hammock sleeping system with a focus on comfort, security, and warmth.

With the Premus Hammock, you can leave your separate tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad items behind - the Premus is the all-in-one insulated hammock solution. The product is constructed using 4 parts, including weight-bearing layer, insulation layer, shell layer, full-length zipper, all with the aim towards lightweight strength, durability, comfort, and warmth. It also comes with a suspension structure of carabiners, cinch buckles, and high-tensile strength webbing. The company also donates a percentage of sales every year to build jungle schoolhouses for kids in Papua, Indonesia. The Premus is perfect for Spring, Summer, and Fall camping (rated 35 degrees Fahrenheit), can support a max of 400lbs, and weighs a total of 6.1lbs. ($299, $254.15 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Hyke and Byke

Hyke and Byke, founded by outdoor-loving engineers, is a lean operation that produces top quality sleeping bags and tents at a low price point. One of their best rated sleeping bags is their Quandary 15 degree Ultralight Down sleeping bag. This bag, made with hydrophobic 650FP down and 400T Rip-Stop Nylon fabric, is super light, compressible, warm, durable, and moisture resistant. It is specifically designed for thru-hiking, backpacking, and camping. This top sleeping bag comes in short, regular, and long sizes (2.56lb, 2.71lb, 2.89lb respectively). ($149.97)

Teton Sports

Teton Sports makes camping and hiking gear that you can trust to support your outdoor adventure and exploration. Their Camper -10 degree Sleeping Bag is rated highly for comfort so you can get a great night’s sleep to refuel for the next day’s excursion. Its outer canvas shell handles rougher conditions while the inner brushed poly flannel lining is super comfy. This top sleeping bag is filled with SuperLoft Elite fiber fill, along with double-layer construction, zipper draft tube, and drawstring shoulder baffle and hood to keep you warm in extremely cold conditions. Coming in at 10lb, the Camper sleeping bag is best for car camping where you won’t be moving campsites every night. ($93.99)

A sleeping bag is a key component of your camping gear, but that’s not all you’ll need. Check out some more awesome camping gear!

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