The 9 Climbing Sites you Should Follow

Do you ever wonder what qualities a climbing website or blog needs to make a magazine's list of “The Top 10 Climbing Blogs and Websites”?

Me neither…

As someone that enjoys climbing but isn’t free soloing El Capitan, I honestly can barely climb V3’s in my local climbing gym.

But, It doesn’t mean that I don’t still enjoy nerding out over gear, reading a good climbing story or watching an insane climbing video.

This got me thinking, I bet the ReddyYeti community probably knows a ton of kick-ass climbing sites, blogs and podcasts that I can check out to get my fix.

So I reached out to the ReddyYeti community of over 2000 subscribers that share an interest in discovering and supporting action sports startups related to their sports of interest. The community is comprised of skier, snowboarders, climbers, hikers, kayakers, skateboarders, surfers and mountain bikers.

The following is a list of 12 climbing website, blogs and podcasts (some lesser known,) that our community suggested. Check them out and leave a comment below letting us know what you think or of any that you think we should add!

  • Semi-Rad ( Writer (and Climbing columnist) Brendan Leonard is a regular dude that just loves being outdite, hiking, climbing and mountain biking. “I have not been featured in a climbing video, or a ski film, and I will likely never win a bike or foot race. But I love the mountains, and being outside. I’m probably a lot like you.” Brendan offers a fresh perspective on getting outside and just life in general. Looking for a nice kick in the ass to motivate yourself? Then check out one of his latest posts, F*&# BUSY.


  • Evening Sends ( “Evening Sends is sitting on a tailgate out in Canyonlands. Nuanced purple light descends, hushes and humbles you and your partner and no one else for miles.” Originally a blog, Evening Sends is now more of a collective of independent thinkers in the climbing community. Posts like “Setting and Revising the Record in Climbing” by Andrew Bisharat, will give you an idea of the type of stories and content you should expect.


  • Splitter Choss ( Was founded by BJ Sbarra, it started out as a resource for local climbing beta which has continued to grow into a site covering all aspects of the climbing lifestyle. You can find anything from gear reviews, injury advice, rants, tips & tricks to trip reports. If you’re a climber and need some injury advice check these article out. As someone who has had three knee surgeries (clearly I don’t learn,) I can appreciate some good injury advice.


  • Weigh My Rack ( Founded in 2012 by Alison Dennis after she quit her corporate job at Boeing to pursue her love for climbing gear. The goal of Weigh My Rack is to save time researching by comparing, filtering, and sorting every piece of climbing gear that exists. I’ve spend about five hours on Alison’s site and let me tell you they have a ton of gear listed! Their blog is just as impressive, you'll find stories about gear, the people who make and use it, and their adventures. If you want a taste to see how detailed their content is then check out;25 Rock Climbing Shoes Coming in 2016. You’ll never need another site to research climbing gear.
  • Rock Climber Life ( was founded by Gif Zafred who spends his time climbing around the Pittsburgh, PA area. On his site, you will find trip reports, gear reviews, training, tech tips and daily workouts. If you are trying to take your climbing training to the next level you should check out the training section. As someone that is starting to use a hangboard, I found his Beginners Hangboard Workout to be very helpful. 


  • Dead Point Magazine ( These guys are one of the larger ones on the list, but so many of our subscribers suggested DPM so we couldn’t ignore them. Their tagline is, "Free climbing media for the young and unruly."  Founded in 2008, Dead Point Magazine is a publication devoted to the promotion of rock climbing and the continued growth of the sport. Their focus is on imagery, news, articles, gear reviews, and updates on where they feel the sport of climbing is headed. Check out their Interview with Jon Cardwell on Projecting Realization 5.15a I promise you it’s a good read.


  • Crux Crush ( Founded in 2013 by three women who are psyched on climbing, they have grown to include an entire community of climbers and regular contributors. You can check out their full list of contributors here. Their tagline, “we've got a crush on all things climbing," sums up this site perfectly. After a bunch of our subscribers suggested Crux Crush, I stumbled upon one if their article Conquering a Fear of Falling, as someone who has struggled with the fear of heights and falling, I found this article to be incredibly helpful. Check them out I promise you won’t be disappointed.


  • Rock and Ice ( I would be surprised if you haven’t at least heard of Rock and Ice and if you haven’t, well you’re welcome because you could get lost on their site for days with the amount of content they have. Rock and Ice is a magazine devoted to rock and ice climbing and mountaineering. It was first published in 1985 out of Boulder, Colorado, and in 2002 relocated to Carbondale, Colorado, under new ownership by Big Stone Publishing. You can find anything from news, videos, destinations, training, reviews, expert advice, how to’s and so much more. If you haven’t already seen it, I would check out the video of Chris Sharma and Klemen Bečan's Mont-Rebei Multipitch Project, I promise it won’t disappoint.


  • Enormocast ( Do you listen to podcasts? Well regardless of your answer you should check out the sorta famous climber Chris Kalous and listen to his podcast, which delves into the climbing life with discussions, interviews, tributes, and more. It’s all about rock climbing. alpine climbing, and just climbing, climbing, and more climbing. He’s published over 100 podcasts, check them out on itunes and see for yourself. Definitely a great alternative to listing to music you are sick of during your commute.

Do you think we missed any sites, blogs or podcasts? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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