The best hiking gadgets to improve your next adventure

The best hiking gadgets

In theory, you only need a good pair of shoes to hit the trails. But with new tools and gadgets coming out every year, why not invest in a few tools to make your hikes more fun?

Beyond hiking poles and packs, there’s a wide world of products to bring with you into the wilderness. Here are a few to consider for your next outing.

Protect your phone

In summer, the sun overheats your phone until it shuts down. In the winter, the cold sucks your phone battery. But with the PHOOZY XP3 phone case ($50), you can stride into the woods assured your phone will be safe. It’s not waterproof, but will save your phone from light rain and keeps it from shattering should you drop it. It also comes with slots for your driver’s license and credit cards, so you can leave the bulky wallet behind.



Bring the tunes

Hikers should always carry a flashlight, so why not make that light also function as a portable speaker? And while we’re at it, why not make it a power source that can recharge your phone? The Buckshot Pro ($80) does all of the above while maintaining a sleek design. The tool comes with three light settings -- torch, beam and strobe -- and the speaker connects to any Bluetooth device within 32 feet. The power lasts for about 10 hours, so it should make it through most of the adventures you have planned.

handpresso coffee

Caffeine fix on the go

If you need to be at the trailhead at 6 a.m., there’s no way your going to get up early enough to brew coffee at home. With the Handpresso Auto Travel Set ($229), you don’t need to. The 3-pound machine let’s you brew both coffee and espresso on the go. Just plug the little machine into your cigarette lighter and suddenly the smell of a fresh brew will be wafting through your car. The kit also includes two “unbreakable” cups and a small towel -- just in case.

Author: Elise Schmelzer



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