Best Daypacks for Travel - 8 Top Travel Daypacks

Best Daypacks for Travel - 8 Top Travel Daypacks

Whether you’re traveling for a long weekend, a month, or a year, you’ll need a daypack you can trust to carry all your essentials. This pack needs to be light and comfortable enough to carry all day, strong enough to bear all different weather conditions, and stylish enough for the city and the trail. Check out these eight best daypacks for travel.

HandyShower | ReddyYeti Gear Review

HandyShower logo.png


When camping, staying clean in the backcountry can get a bit complicated but with the birth of HandyShower it doesn’t have to be! HandyShower offers a 3-in-1 hygiene system to keep you clean. With various attachments, you get a shower, bidet, and faucet in package that weighs only 14 ounces. On top of that, HandyShowers is designed to be extremely efficient in terms of water usage and comes with a solar pouch that can heat up the water to give you a nice warm shower! We had a TON of fun trying out HandyShower and can safely say this device is a game changer when it comes to camping!

HandyShower Features


  • Our patented self-closing valve mechanism allows you to control how much water you use.


  • Thanks to HandyShower’s nozzle swap, the device can be used as a faucet a bidet or a shower.


  • The device weighs only 400 grams and folds easily so it can fit any backpack, luggage or case.


  • HandyShower’s construction has been designed to work even in the most extreme conditions, with no defects.


  • Using the device is fast and simple. Setting up the device takes about 1 minute, changing the nozzle – few seconds.


  • HandyShower offers severals kits. Their costs (60, 80, 120 or 160 zloty) gives you the best price-quality ratio on the market.

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Duer Live Free Adventure Pants | ReddyYeti Gear Review

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Duer Live Free Adventure Pants

While there are a lot of functional pants on the market there’s certainly something to be said when a previously fashion forward brand crosses over to put out highly functional products. DUER started as a function-first apparel brand and there is no question that the Live Free Adventure Pants stand to that testament however, there is still an air of outside-the-box design that has us refreshed. Comfy, breathable, durable, and stain resistant, these pants do it all, truly and don’t skimp on aesthetic in anyway.

Live Free Adventure Pants Details


The signature invisible DUER seat gusset offers a greater range of motion while preventing crotch blow outs.


Power stretch means our fabrics stretch in all directions, for maximum comfort, flexibility and maneuverability.


An environmentally-friendly biodegradable Rainshield treatment repels water, oil and dirt to protect against accidental spills or splashes.


A convenient D-ring is secured to the belt loop to hold a carbiner (and keys!) for days on the go.

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YIZI GO Compact Portable Camping Chair | ReddyYeti Gear Review

YIZI GO Compact Portable Camping Chair | ReddyYeti Gear Review

YIZI GO Compact Portable Camping Chair When camping and hiking, the smallest creature comforts can end up becoming the biggest game changer. Trekology's YIZI camping chair completely raises the bar in terms of how camping furniture should elevate your camping experience. When looking at camping chairs, there are two main features that we pay attention to, comfort and weight.

Best Camping Food

Best Camping Food

Food always tastes better after a day of outdoor adventure. That’s just a fact, and something I can consider part of the magic of getting outside. That said, some camping food not only tastes better than others, but also provides a better source of key nutrients for recovery and refueling. We’ve put together a list of the best camping food packed with nutritional and antioxidant-full ingredients to take on your next outing.

LifeStraw Steel | ReddyYeti Gear Review

LifeStraw Steel | ReddyYeti Gear Review

Of all the outdoor products that have come out in the last decade, I think it’s safe to say the LifeStraw is one of the most revolutionary products. This compact water filtration device is simple to use and extremely effective and efficient. LifeStraw is good to filter out 1,000 gallons of water Insanely portable and a virtually life saving tool for under developed countries plus, it’s insanely affordable, especially for what you get from this device.

Cool Camping Gear

Cool Camping Gear

Camping season is upon us! Time to make the outdoors your home for a little while. There are a ton of example camping lists out there, and we wanted to add a little industry expertise and flair to the typical rundown of “1 sleeping bag, 1 stove, etc”. Which sleeping bag? Which stove?? And what are some other pieces of cool camping gear that don’t make it on those packing lists?