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The Reddyyeti podcast episode 6: Boulder Denim - the Most Comfortable, Versatile, Jeans Ever. founders Brad & Taz sharing thier story

Boulder Denim

Sick and tired of getting a cool breeze where the wind don’t shine from your raggedy old climbing pants?  

Kick the old patched pants to the curb and pick up a pair of Boulder Denim Jeans for a more forgiving, elastic solution. To find out more behind how Boulder Denim got it’s start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews Boulder Denim co-founders Taz Barrett and Bradley Spence.



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Josh sits down with Boulder Denim co-founders Taz Barrett and Brad Spence to talk fashion, functional fashion. Boulder Denim is a climbing apparel company that makes jeans using elastic material that ensures maximum mobility. Their jeans are not only hyper-elastic, but are stain resistant and hydrophobic as well Perfect for climbing, hiking, or just lounging around. We guarantee that Boulder Denim's Jeans are the most comfortable and versatile jeans you will ever own.

Boulder Denim Highlights: 

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  • How did Boulder Denim get its start?

    • “I met brad when we were 15 at the old spaghetti factory in New Westminster....we literally worked for four and a half hours together just bs-ing the entire time about what we thought we knew about business. That was literally instant best friends; and we’ve gotten into a couple businesses since, and that’s what led to Boulder Denim”

  • What has your journey been like from just getting into climb to starting Boulder Denim?

    • “I didn’t really realize it until recently but I’ve always been a climber. I used to climb trees, my garage, and jump off of it…”

    • “It kind of created a lifestyle and one thing led to another and of course now we’re here with Boulder Denim…”

    • “It allowed us to do what we love and it made the journey a lot easier. We’ve hit our fair share of road bumps and stuff…”

  • What drives Boulder Denim as an organization?

    • “We can run the whole business from our computers which is a huge part of it. And we’re hoping to do this big North America wide tour where we can visit every major city and climbing area and climbing gym, to climb with our customers.”

  • What testing went into creating Boulder Denim jeans?

    • “Brad and I started looking at the functionality….All the feature we wanted and inspiration then we brought everything together. It took us a couple goes to get everything right, and actually just trying everything out and climbing before we found a perfect blend of everything.”

  • What is something unique about Boulder Denim?

    • “One of them is the stretch retainment... The average in industry stretch retainment for jeans is 60%. Our jeans, we got them up to 92% stretch retainment which is industry leading.”

    • “Nano sphere, which repels stains and liquids… and it reduced smells as well… we also provide a lifetime guarantee.”

  • What is Boulder Denims commitment to sustainability?

    • Boulder Denim is 100% made in North America

    • “All our workers in our manufacturing facility have really good jobs and get paid well, and they like what they do…”

  • What has been the hardest part about starting Boulder Denim?

    • “I think for a lot of entrepreneurs there’s always a little bit of doubt… it’s kind of just plowing forward. That’s something actually nice about having a business partner. Brad and I know each other really well and help push each gives us momentum and keeps us moving forward.”

  • What have been some of the biggest mistakes you guys made?

    • “It’s the fact that we told people they would get their jeans in March or April when we had no idea how long it would take to get buttons from YKK. For me that’s the biggest mistake we made ‘over promising and under delivering’...”

  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to started a business?

    • “Market research. Actually test if there is a want for your product...For Brad and I it was solving a need that we actually had our selves…”

  • What’s in store for the future of boulder denim?

    • “We have a few other product ideas in the lineup for climbing and adventure related. We want to be an outdoor company, not just denim. But of course we want to come out with more style, more colors, more cuts.”

  • What is the dynamic between the two of you?

    • “I’m completely obsessed with marketing, to be honest and I bring a lot of creative ideas to the table...When we come up with ideas, instead of humming and hawing, Brad says ‘i like that’ and we move forward”

  • What has been the best part about running Boulder Denim?

    • “Being able to climb and seeing people's excitement for our product...It’s really exciting seeing their excitement”

    • “I’ve sold a lot of things in my life and the worst thing is selling something that someone doesn’t really want...With Boulder Denim we get to sell and market a product that I love.”