Slap Bag

A bike handlebar mounted pouch that opens and closes with just one hand.

The glove compartment your bike always wanted!



"The idea is not new. The idea came to me about nine years ago, which is when I developed my first attempt at a prototype. I was doing a lot of long-distance adventure racing, I’d kinda caught the bug of this team sport where you could orienteer and ride bikes and kayak and rappel and you know, do it all with your buddies."

Founder Chris was looking for a way to easily store and access food, his cell phone and other items while riding. In 2007, Chris made a handful of prototypes, which he shared with his friends.  Below you will find the full timeline of Slap Bag. 

The Timeline

  • 2005 = Need Discovered [how do i get something to carry my food]
  • 2007 = Built first 12 Prototypes & shared with adventurous friends
  • Idea and progress on hold while enjoying Family and Fun
  • Lots and Lots of product testing
  • 2011 = Feeling that I must make a go at this
  • 2012 = Patent work started with Patent Attorney
  • 2015 = Manufacturer & Prototyping company selected
  • 2015 = Refining the design and enhancing the closure mechanism
  • 2016 May/June = Script & Shoot Kickstarter Video
  • 2016 June = Final GOLD samples for Production approved
  • 2016 June 28th = Kickstarter Launched
  • 2016 June 30th = 100 Production units arrive & go to reviewers
  • 2016 August = Estimated Shipping Dates for First Production Run

To learn more about Slap Bag, check out the ReddyYeti podcast where we interview the founder Chris Boyd:

Founder Chris Boyd during a race

Founder Chris Boyd during a race

There are 4 Velcro strips to ensure the Slap Bag will mount to most any type of bike and stay securely in place.  The back edge has an aluminum bar that you can bend into place for a custom fit to every bike.  The front edge is much like a slap bracelet and the ~90degree angle you create once you bend the bag into place activates the Patent Pending closure mechanism.  The bag itself is rigid enough to not flap in the wind yet flexible to mold around a phone or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


    Slap Bag