Slant Cornelious, 186cm Review

Slants Product Description:

The Cornelious, designed by Skogen Sprang, is a fat, rockered powder ski. It is firm under-foot and more flexible toward the tips, allowing the ski to handle high speeds and still butter over varying terrain like jumps, drops, and steeps. The Cornelious performs best in anything from deep powder to crud. This ski has traditional sidecut and 100cm of regular camber(186cm Model) making them capable of carving groomers as well. We add kevlar to make them incredibly stable and agile even for a large ski. Skogen personally checks each pair for quality control before he sends them to you.

Skier overview:

I have been riding the Cornelious for three seasons. I originally ordered a pair because I needed a new pow/touring setup. Being a ski builder, I really liked what Slant was doing with bamboo and wanted a pair, so without ever demoing them, I made an impulse buy and got them. (I do this from time to time with ski gear, not one of my better qualities, but man, did this one workout). Slant really prides themselves in making quality skis, so much so that they offer a 2 year warranty, which is rather unique in the ski industry. Over the three seasons that I’ve been riding the Cornelious, I’ve been able to ski them in practically every type of condition.

Touring / Untracked Pow:

I bought these skis so I could use them in deep snow and touring and let me tell you, these skis rock in powder. I could charge as hard as I wanted and they always stayed on top of the snow. The soft tip and 119mm waste make it effortless.

I skied the Cornelious in the backcountry of Utah and the North East, The skis are super light since they are predominantly bamboo, however I sort of assassinate any weight savings by having the Salomon Guardian’s, weighing 3.26lbs each. That means my bindings almost add 7lbs to my skis, which is alot.

The Cornelious, is perfect for the person that likes to be in the air, hitting small cliff spans, I’ve never felt more comfortable in the air. Riding the 186cm they are super stable in the landings and at high speeds. Having a full bamboo core and kevlar, make a huge difference as a lot of pow skis can feel like noodles. These do not.


I was apprehensive to say the least to ski the Cornelious on groomers, especially skiing the Ice Coast. There was something about East Coast corderoy that didn’t sounds appealing on rockered fat skis. But, I will be honest with 100cm of traditional sidecut they held a pretty damn good edge. However, on the more bulletproof East Coast days, I couldn’t be as confident as I wanted to be. I’d be doing a little more slarving than carving but, being fat skis, I’m still impressed.

For someone that lives out west where ice isn’t as common they can be super fun on groomers and are very stable at high speeds. I had a blast skiing fresh corduroy at Park City/Canyons.

This is a photo I look while skiing Alta. I got the Cornelious with a bamboo veneer, which I would highly recommend. 

This is a photo I look while skiing Alta. I got the Cornelious with a bamboo veneer, which I would highly recommend. 

Crud / snow that looks good but isn’t:

Let’s be real skiing crud sucks, especially when you’re not expecting it. One afternoon as we were skiing a northeast-facing slope in Chile at Valle Nevado. We hit a huge section of sun-crust and I wouldn’t say that the Cornelious killed it. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a pair of skis that handled phenomenally in crud, (If you have please tell us in the comments.) But, they were very predictable and easier to maneuver than I expected. Which, was comforting, knowing that my skis weren’t trying to screw me at every turn

Moguls / Tree Skiin

Over the past three years I have skied a lot of trees with the Cornelious, especially in the East at mountains like Stowe, Smuggs and Jay. Three mountains that have incredible tree skiing and side country. There is an awesome tree section called the Three Amegios, located skiers left off of Hayride at Stowe and with a few inches of snow (a blower pow day for the East.) The Cornelious rocked! Skiing the trees making tight turns and dropping off small features these skis are super fun and playful and it would be hard to convince me to ride anything else.

In terms of moguls, the Cornelious isn’t designed to be a bump specific ski but, when there’s a few inches of snow on the ground even East Coast bumps are epic with the Cornelious. But, on those more firm days, I’d prefer a ski with a lower radius and to be a little narrower underfoot. I’d say of my days skiing bumps with the Cornelious they were great 70% of the time.

Bottom Line

The Cornelious is one of the best powder skis out there and it is build in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. If you live out West and are looking for a pow/touring ski that can handle pretty much everything this is your ski. If you are an East Coast skier, I would ride the Cornelious if there is more that 3” of snow on the ground as you will never have a bad time.

You can check out the Cornelious on on Slants site here and remember you can get it with a bamboo veneer which looks dope!