THE REDDYYETI PODCAST 000: introduction | Who we are | what to expect

Did you know there are thousands of new startups in the action sports industry every year?

How many of them do you know?

To provide better background and insight on ReddyYeti, Cofounders Josh Salvo and Drew Pfundstein sit down and talk about what is, how it was created, what’s in store for it’s future, and everything in between.

The ReddYyeti Podcast HIGHLIGHTS:


  • Josh introduces Reddyyeti cofounder Drew Pfundstein and explains the dynamic and purpose of The ReddyYeti Podcast

  • Josh talks about what ReddyYeti stands for, what kind of brands we support, and the values that drive our organization

    • “The point of this podcast and our mission is to build exposure for action sport startups...”

  • Drew speaks about past experiences in the early stages of and the transition into Reddyyeti 2.0

    • “We were in one of our standup meetings and we were talking about ways to get more exposure for ourselves, and I said ‘maybe we should do a contest’ and then clearly you took that to a whole new level…”

  • Josh and Drew speaks about the relationship between them and how they got their initial inspiration to charge head first into the industry

    • “I think we should back up a little bit and tell it from the beginning…”

  • Josh - “In the beginning you really led the way with the first step in getting to where we are now..”

  • Drew speaks about what it was like taking the first few steps to get off the ground

    • “We did all the research we did a lot of hard work and we started building skis and that’s kind of what triggered this whole passion project for us”

  • Josh further elaborates on ReddyYeti’s first attempt as a ski manufacturer, and how that pushed them to pivot ReddyYeti as a hub to help Action Sport Startups.

  • Drew speaks more about the culture and community that exists within startups in the Outdoor sport industry

    • “Now we’re trying to bring that community to other outdoor sports…”

  • Josh talks about ReddyYeti’s more recent strides to help share the stories of brands coming straight from their founders mouths.

  • Join our community. Engaging the conversation and tell us what you think about what we’re trying to accomplish

  • “We are super excited to be getting this off the ground and rolling, and we hope you enjoy every episode. IT’s going to be coming at ya, tuesday mornings…”

  • We are offering an exclusive giveaway for our podcast subscribers

    • “If we hit 50 reviews podcast reviews by august 23rd on itunes, everyone who leaves a review will recieve a couple ReddyYeti stickers and we will be picking two winners based on our two favorite podcast reviews will receive ReddyYeti T-shirts and hats.”