The ReddyYeti Podcast EP 8: NWT3K Outerwear - Custom Ski & Snowboard Jackets, pants and bibs - founder Nick Marvik Sharing His Story

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Northwest tech outerwear

Sick and tired of being nickel and dimed with lackluster jackets?


Why not, create your perfect jacket and personalize it with your style. Northwest Tech’s got you covered.

Find out how Northwest Tech got it’s start and what’s in store for the future, through Josh's interview with Northwest Tech founder Nick Marvik.


More about the episode...

Northwest Tech is a ski and snowboard brand that specializes in outerwear. However, where they truly excel is their extensive customizable features, colors, and accessories, while delivering quality 20K waterproof jackets, pants and powder bibs at competitive prices.

Founded in 2012 by ski junkie and former Western Washington University student, Nick Marvik, Northwest Tech stands out by offering a product that is 100% customizable to ensure a unique design that abides to your style.

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  • How did the idea for your NWT3K come about and how did you get started?

    • “I’ve always had this frustration with going out and spending $500 to $1,000 on a new waterproof jacket and a pair of pants every single season; more specifically, rolling up in the lift line or sitting with someone on the chairlift that’s wearing the exact same thing.”

    • “Action sports, and specifically skiing and snowboarding, are driven by individuality and unique style. It put a serious damper on my mood having to spend all of this money, being stoked on new gear, and seeing someone with the same exact stuff.”

  • What inspired you to get started with NWT3K?

    • “Simply put, it’s that every piece of outerwear has its own story. Every piece of gear we make is completely different and matches up with the story behind each individual customer, and I think that in itself is unique, appealing, and fun.”

  • What is your background with skiing?

    • I grew up skiing here in Washington and became a very avid freestyle skier. I was pretty active in the park scene in Washington; I rode for Line skis, Wired Energy drink…”

  • What was the process you used to get your product dialed in?

    • “Really, this started back in college all the jackets I made I would really demand feedback from people…”

    • “We were not The North Face, Helly Hansen, or another big company that’s producing proprietary fabric. We basically had two goals; find waterproof zippers and find 20k waterproof breathable fabric.”

  • What is something that is unique about your NWT3K?

    • Although business has been booming for Northwest Tech, Nick and Ryan both work full time jobs while their business has been growing

    • “We both work remotely, we’ve never lived in the same state, and this company has been an entirely run-by-night side project where we’ve been building it from the ground up remotely... We’re not full-time. This is the definition of startup life.”

  • How did Ryan get involved in NWT3K?

    • “Ryan’s a huge skier. He has been skiing his whole life. He’s originally from Colorado, but the guy skis more than I do and lives in San Francisco. When I started the business I originally partnered with him on a contractual basis. I paid him for his services, and while we went through it he realized this was a really cool thing that we were doing…”

  • Has anyone mentored you while building NWT3K?

    • Nick talks about some of the figures who’ve helped support NWT3K all on the journey

    • “Good question. I’ve had a lot of different mentors, and I wouldn’t necessarily say they are specific to just Northwest Tech, but more just my career in general...”

  • What is your commitment to sustainable manufacturing?

    • “Our approach right now is that we’re creating jobs in Seattle.”

  • What kind of culture exists in NWT3K?

    • “Pretty small as we’re just two guys and it’s very flexible. We both work remotely and make our own schedules. A lot of our work is being done by night because we have full-time jobs.“

  • What has been the hardest part about starting NWT3K?

    • “If I were to boil it down to one thing I would say it’s is that we do not own our own manufacturing facility… it’s the fact that we’re not vertically integrated with manufacturing...”

  • What your greatest fear and how do you manage it?

    • “My first answer would be we don’t have any fears and we’re willing to fail and I think in the startup mentality that’s important to have…aside from that, really just our technology working correctly...”

  • What are some of the biggest mistakes you guys have made with NWT3K

    • “Arguably not raising capital right off the bat. It’s a bit of a catch 22 here, we’re a start up…”

  • What advice would you give someone who wanted to start a business in the outdoor sport industry?

    • “Spend time on validating your idea – talk to your friends, their friends and ask as many questions as possible before investing loads of money. The more feedback you can get early on the better.”

  • Where do you see your business headed the future?

    • “At the end of the day we envision Northwest Tech as not so much the leader in customizable ski and snowboard outerwear, but as the leader and go-to source for customizable action sports apparel in general…”

  • What’s the best part of running your business?

    • “I think really it’s just the freedom and flexibility to define your own path and do your own thing. That’s what drives me and it’s that freedom that allows us to learn and experiment.”

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