Hummingbird Hammocks

Looking for a hammock that won’t weigh you down?

How does the lightest and most compact hammock on the market sound?

Established 2015 - Founder: Chris Loidolt - Employees 2 - Location: Colorado Spring CO

Hummingbird Hammocks Story

Hummingbird Hammocks began when Founder Chris Loidolt built himself a hammock using the materials he found in in his parachute rigging loft. Utilizing his knowledge from his experience as a professional skydiver and construction techniques borrowed from the Parachute Industry Association, he was able to create a hammock that is stronger, far lighter, and much smaller packing than any other hammock on the market.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Chris Loidolt on The ReddyYeti Podcast and asked him some questions that our readers put together. Find out exactly how Hummingbird got its start and where Chris plans on taking Hummingbird in the future. 


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Single Hammock

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Double Hammock


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