Hemetic Trading Co.

an American carry good and lifestyle brand

A good backpack is like a friendship.
It should be strong, trustworthy, come with a lifetime guarantee, and carry all of your crap.

ESTABLISHED 2013 - FOUNDERS: Matt McGinnis & Jake Caggige - EMPLOYEES 2 - LOCATION: Burlington Vt

THE STORY BEHIND Hemetic trading co.

Hemetic's STORY

Hemetic Trading Co. is an American carry good and lifestyle brand based out of Burlington, VT, dedicated to quality and functionality. Hemetic was initially co-founder by Matt McGinnis and Jake Caggige as a response to poorly made bags that were marketed as American companies and manufactured elsewhere. With both Matt and Jake’s background in design and history of entrepreneurship, they collaborate with ease and not only created a driven, detail oriented company, but also a lifestyle brand that practices what it preaches: authenticity, modesty, and above all, quality.

"More than just a textile brand, Hemetic Trading Co. is a statement that the American Dream has not fallen victim to laziness and apathy. While there seems to be some suggestion that the next generation of Americans feel self-entitled and lazy, we’re here to prove otherwise. We’re young people filled with endless ambition and motivation, setting our sights at the top. Just like the generations that have come before us, we’re looking to move up in this world based on our hard work, dedication, and ingenuity." 


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