#5 The ReddyYeti Podcast: Give’r – The World’s Best Damn Gloves. Co-founder Bubba Albrecht sharing his story.


Looking for a glove that can take a serious beating? How about a glove that will keep your hands warm in sub zero weather and protected in boiling water? Josh interviews Give’r cofounder Bubba Albrecht to find out more about one of the toughest gloves on the planet and what’s in store for their future.


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Josh gets a chance to talk to Give’r cofounder, Bubba Albrecht about Give’r gloves, specifically highlighting their four-season glove, one of the toughest gloves on the market. Not only are Give’r gloves 100% water-proofed leather, they have reinforced stitching on palms and fingertips for added extra durability. These bad boys are not only built for the most treacherous adventures but are also built to handle jobs around the house, on the worksite, or barreling down a mountain with three feet of snow underfoot. Hell, these bad boys can even protect your hands from fire [DISCLAIMER: We do not advise to stick your giver gloves or hands in fire… but, I mean you totally could if you wanted to.... But seriously we refuse to be held liable if you do.]. Give’r gloves will keep your hands warm and last through the toughest tasks or adventures. Give’r all you got.

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  • How did Give’r get it’s start? [02:00]

    • Bubba, explains where the term “Give’r” comes from and how it quickly gained its momentum as a lifestyle brand.

  • What was your background before starting Give’r? [06:37]

    • “I studied civil engineering and economics in school and ended up graduated in a pretty tough time for engineers in 2008…”

    • “The five years before that, I had been working at Teton Valley Ranch Camp, an outdoor adventure camp for kids that's based out of camping here... I was doing that for 3 ½ years before we started Give’r…”

  • How have the roles of you and your co-founders changed? [09:00]

    • When Bubba, Carly, and Jed originally got together to start things we all agreed it would just be to put in whatever investment or cash we were able to give it a try without quitting their day jobs.

      • “But that said it was a struggle from the beginning having that capital limitation. But, we had to have the hunger…”

    • “As we grew we needed more and more inputs and time with give’r so that definitely started to come up between us…”

  • How many prototypes and iterations have you gone through with Give’r’s 4-season glove? [13:48]

    • Give’r’s first iteration of their gloves were extremely popular but after getting some feedback from fans they decided to take things to the next level

    • “We said hey these do have some limitations. while they’re a great overall glove, we had people saying that they wished they were a little more equipped for heavy snow, like three feet of powder…”

    • It took two years, we went through a ton of different manufactures and again kind of learning the process all over again.“

  • What was it like running a successful kickstarter campaign? [18:48]

    • Bubba discusses how he did not initially jump on creating a kickstarter until one of his past college professors introduced him to the program and how a partnership with Launch Boom, a kickstarter and indiegogo product launch system

  • What would you say is something unique that no one knows about you or your business? How does this differentiate you from other lifestyle brands? [24:41]

    • Bubba and the Give’r team not only started with an extremely tight budget, but also live the Give’r philosophy by adopting an ‘all hands on deck’ attitude and really Givin’r all they got!

      • “From the beginning we started out with barebones and really the only way we could make it is if people connected with our brand or company. We knew we had to fight for every T-shirt sale…Having our hands in every part of the business from the beginning...”

  • Who has mentored you and how have they helped you build Give’r? [30:00]

    • “Between my father, my uncle, my grandfather; you know, a lot of influence in my family always pushing to learn something new...at the foundation of Give’r and myself, that constant pushing to try new things, get out there, and challenge myself at the very beginning has been a big influence.”

  • What would you say is your commitment to sustainable manufacturing? [32:47]

    • “For certain products we have the ability to choose a more sustainable material, and when we have the chance and opportunity it’s an awesome discussion… What it comes down to is we can either make a shirt or we can’t make a t-shirt…The opportunity to select the very detailed channels of production and manufacturing have not been something that was present”

  • What is the culture behind Give’r? [35:16]

    • “The picture you have in your head of a garage with 70’s carpet and stuff every but kind of organized is what we have going on and we couldn’t be more psyched about it…”

    • “The mentality of giving 110% percent has often been reflected in finding ways to make that work and having some weird schedules where having a team meeting at 6 am on Monday morning probably is not your average meeting time…. You bet your ass we were all there at 6 AM and we take care of business…”

  • What would so say has been one of the hardest parts of starting Give’r? [39:30]

    • “The time commitment... In the beginning stages of learning an industry and a business, you gotta do a lot of walking before you can even think about jogging…”

  • What would you say is your biggest mistake with Give’r? [47:59]

    • I wouldn’t call this a mistake but, not knowing what we were getting into. Not fully understanding all the aspects of all the work that needed to go into it and the timeline in which we could get that all done…”

  • What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a business? [53:31]

    • “First off, with your business what are your goals. Truly sit down, and write down, and visualize, what are your goals?”

    • “If you’re passionate about it to the point where you can’t stop thinking about, or you can’t think of not doing it, that is the fuel that carries you through the tough times and the long nights...”

  • Where do you see Give’r in the next year, 5 years, 10 years? [58:33]

    • “Our goal is to get all the bugs out and continue to produce the best damn gloves ever and the four season gloves as our core product line.”

    • Bubba explains that he’d like to see a better work/life balance within his company. While it’s largely been a labor of love he doesn’t want to see the Give’r family, over worked and without any time to engage in the things they love.

      • “Down the road, I think an effort of ours, while it’s been a part of our culture to work 80-100 hrs a weeks and work other jobs, I think we can continue to grow but not necessarily have to beat ourselves down to the point of exhaustion…”

  • Do you see yourself being able to solely focus on Give’r? [61:47]

    • “As much as someone would look out the window of an airplane and see someone throwing bags and be like ‘that looks miserable’...I dig it...”

  • What would you say is the best part about running your business and Give’r? [64:17]

    • Bubba reveals that the most rewarding part about running Give’r, is knowing he’s doing right by his customers and recalls a couple stories that truly stoked his passion.