The ReddyYeti Podcast EP: #43 Yeti Chat 4 - The ReddyYeti Membership: New Features .Josh and Matt Chat About Building the Membership and What’s To Come.

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Yeti Chat Part 4

Curious about what goes into building a membership?

Kick it with ⅔ of the ReddyYeti Team as we talk you through our experience!

To find out more about what’s in store for the future of ReddyYeti, join Josh and Matt as they chat about some new features of the ReddyYeti Membership

More about the episode...

Josh and Matt talk about some updates with the ReddyYeti Membership including a referral program. Since we started the ReddyYeti Podcast we have been dedicated to telling the story behind countless startups. In this episode of our podcast we open up to you about what it’s been like dealing with the trials and tribulations of building and growing the ReddyYeti Membership.

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Topics of Discussion


  • ReddyYeti Membership
  • Referral Program for the membership- Earn $10 for every member you refer 
  • Obstacles of growing the Membership
  • Challenges of growing a brand from the ground up
  • 7 Day money back guarantee for membership program 
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