Cool ski gear - 3 pieces of Cool Ski Gear you need for this season

3 pieces of cool ski gear you need for this season

It’s never too early pull out the ski wax and start ski dreaming. Snow is already falling on some of the best slopes in the Rocky Mountains.

Even if you have great gear and clothing, you can never have too many ski accessories. Having the best jacket or driest pants won’t help you record that awesome mogul run for posterity. But whether you’re making fresh tracks in the backcountry or just trying your first black diamond, these gadgets will help you enjoy the ride even more.

Hitcase Pro

Turn your iPhone into a GoPro

Turn your iPhone into a wide-angle, waterproof camera with the Hitcase Pro. The aluminum case creates a 170-degree view for your phone and can be attached to a GoPro base or fitted into one of the company’s many mounts. It’s a perfect buy for someone reluctant to shell out the hundreds for a GoPro but is tired of duct taping an old point-and-shoot to their helmet to get that sick footy. And now you can show your friends that “jump” you keep bragging about.


A $12 tool to measure slopes

If you ever argue with ski buddies about how steep a slope is, this tool is for you. The PoleClinometer is a sticker you wrap around your ski pole that allows you to measure the angle of a slope from the side and from the top of a run. It’s useful for winning arguments, but also for staying safe and making good choices in the backcountry. An added bonus: 10 percent of profits go to avalanche safety nonprofits.


Measure every move

For only $198, the Rossignol PIQ sensor kit will track your speed, jump height, airtime and carve angle, among a ton of other stats. Simply attach the tracker to your ski boot and download the free app to scroll through your numbers. Use it to finally answer the question of who in your ski crew has the best jumps, or just collect the data to nerd out by yourself.

Author: Elise Schmelzer



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