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Camping season is upon us! Time to make the outdoors your home for a little while. There are a ton of example camping lists out there, and we wanted to add a little industry expertise and flair to the typical rundown of “1 sleeping bag, 1 stove, etc”. Which sleeping bag? Which stove?? And what are some other pieces of cool camping gear that don’t make it on those packing lists?

Read on for some of our recommended pieces gear for your next awesome camping trip.

OutGear Recreation Hammock

Out Gear Recreation is a brainchild of Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, founded to build products that facilitate adventure and an active lifestyle. Their flagship item of cool camping gear is their triple stitched, mildew-resistant hammock. Hiking can be hard work, and you should let yourself enjoy the fruits of your effort; set up a hammock at the end of the day and soak in your accomplishments back at your campsite. The Singled Out Hammock is super light (only 13.4oz) and packs down to the size of a softball. It comes with carabiners, loop ends, and stuff sack, and can hold up to 400lbs. Every hammock is sewn in Pennsylvania, hammock straps are sold separately. ($74.95, $56.21 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Luminaid PackLite MaxPhone Charger

Luminaid is building some really awesome solar-powered products that have a ton of different uses. Besides being really cool camping gear, Luminaid’s portable phone chargers and light sources are providing light for families in need around the world with their Give Light Get Light Program and other initiatives. One of these awesome products is the PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger; it’s a solar inflatable lantern and phone charger that packs down flat for easy storage. While you’re getting after it, you can leave this puppy charging in the sun at your campsite and it’s ready to light the rest of the night while you trade stories of the day’s adventures. Depending on the light setting and item you’re charging, the PackLite Max can run up to 72 hours with one full battery life. ($49.99, $37.49 with Reddy Yeti membership)

NEMO Wagontop Tent

NEMO Equipment was born on the side of Mt. Washington in the White Mountains, and continues to be based out of New Hampshire today. NEMO considers thoughtful, innovative design as key to enjoying camping and exploring the outdoors, and they’ve won several awards for their products. One really cool camping gear item is their Wagontop Camping Tent. Coming in 4-person, 6-person, and 8-person sizes, it’s awesome for families or groups of friends. There’s enough room to stand up inside the tent, and includes dividers inside for privacy and organization and windows and doors for ventilation. This camping tent is freestanding and features an easy, intuitive setup. (4-person tent is $499.95, 6-person is $649.95, and 8-person is $749.95)

If you’re looking for something a little smaller (1 to 2 person tent), I’ve had great experiences with the NEMO Galaxi tent as well!

Power Practical Sparkr Flashlight & Lighter

Power Practical was born on a camping trip with the idea of harnessing the energy emitted by a campfire. Since 2011, they’ve been building practical, electrically-powered products and scored Mark Cuban as an investor on Shark Tank! One of their innovative pieces of cool camping gear is their 2-in-1 Sparkr Flashlight & Lighter. Just like it sounds, this 6.4oz piece of gear plays double duty as an electric, windproof and water resistant lighter and an LED flashlight. Rather than a flame, the lighter creates an electrical arc to more easily spark up even in windy and wet conditions. With the lighter safety cap acting as a light diffuser, the flashlight can doubles as a lantern to light up your whole campsite. The Sparkr has an impressive battery life, and can support up to 12 hours of light or up to 100 lighter starts on a single charge. ($29.99, $22.49 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Lifestraw Flex

Keeping this innovative technology trend going, we’ve got one of LifeStraw’s newer inventions: their LifeStraw Flex With Collapsible Squeeze Bottle. It combines the technology of LifeStraw’s light and long-lasting signature water filtration product with further protection and collapsible squeeze bottle for outdoor hikes, travel, and survival. The LifeStraw filters out heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, microplastics, pesticides, and herbicides and can handle 500 gallons of water (more than 1.5 years of drinking water) before needing to be replaced. And even then, there’s a replaceable carbon filter that lasts 25 more gallons. When it comes to hiking and camping, you can plan to fill up at streams, lakes, and rivers along your trail and just put the malleable squeeze bottle into your backpack. Just in case you needed another nudge, LifeStraw gives back with every purchase; with each product purchased, one school child gets one year of clean water. ($34.95, $24.47 with Reddy Yeti discount)

GoSun Solar Cooker

GoSun is committed to building green cooking solutions to help you get off the grid and prepare food in a quick and sustainable way. Their innovative solar cookers harness energy from the sun to cook food in 20 minutes or less, all while the outside of the stove itself and cool to the touch and safe to handle! The oven can reach up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit in full sunlight, and since it can capture a broad range of radiation (including UV), all you need is a bit of sunlight to get the cooker to work. Their solar cookers come in several different sizes; the GoSun Sport, for example, is one of their smaller sizes and perfect for cooking for two ($249). Another key point for those of you with dogs or kids on your camping trip; since the GoSun operates off solar power, there is no fire hazard to speak of!

The GoSun package includes the solar cooker, stainless steel cooking tray, scrubby cleaning tool, and a small cookbooklet.

Learn more about GoSun and how the solar cooker works on our blog or podcast!

Western Outfitters Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Western Owl Outfitters was founded to bring family and friends together in nature, and to empower everyone to explore outside. Much of their products are designed for extreme weather camping, but can be used comfortably in all weather conditions and for a very reasonable price. Their Self-Inflating WOO Sleeping Pad, for example, is a piece of really cool camping gear that offers top-notch insulation and an ultra-thick design for extreme elements but works perfectly in a more accessible drive-in campsite setting. This sleeping pad self-inflates using valve inflation technology, and is both super comfortable and highly durable to weather and potential material-tearing incidents. WOO’s sleeping pad comes in at a pretty incredible price that only gets better with the Reddy Yeti discount: $38.97, and $27.28 with a Reddy Yeti membership.

Learn more about Western Owl Outfitters and their awesome camping gear on our blog and right from their founder on our podcast.

Swayy Hammocks

Bramble Outdoors’ mission to design products to connect people with places; they want to engender a sense of care and responsibility when it comes to the beautiful wild places that outdoor adventurists enjoy. Their products are functional and versatile, meant to be utilized in a wide range of outdoor activities. One of their most popular products is their lightweight, quick-drying Camp Towel. They offer this sweet piece of gear in an array of different colors and designs, all inspired by different wilderness areas. Made from microfiber fabric, this towel is quick-drying and packable; perfect to bring along a camping trip near a lake or waterfall. ($35, $28 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Looking for more specifics on sleeping bags? Check out our top sleeping bag recommendations.

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