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High quality, good-looking, performance-ready AND affordable ski goggles - these smaller brands are cooking these up left and right. All of the ski goggles on this list offer lens-changing capabilities so you can make sure you using the optimal lens for whatever skiing condition comes up. Take a look at the other features these top 7 ski goggles offer to up your fun and safety factors, and look rad while you’re at it.

1. Drop

Drop is committed to making premium design, quality, and innovation accessible to all skiers and snowboarders. They’ve been in business for 15 years, and recently went direct to consumer to make lower the price of their ski goggles. All of their goggles feature their interchangeable magnetic lens system and include two performance lenses. Their goggles come in large and medium sizes, with an easy pull tab that allows you to adapt your sight to varying light conditions quickly. The lenses are built with spherical construction for optimal peripheral vision and anti-fog and flash mirror treatment to reduce glare from the sky and snow. Drop goggles’ dual density foam molds to the shape of your face, and the silicone grip on the goggle strap prevents slippage. Plus, you’ll look rad. ($100, $85 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Check out our video review of Drop goggles.

2. D-Curve Optics

D-Curve’s brand is built on creativity, perseverance, and their durable ski goggles and other products. They’re actively changing the way that big goggle-makers do business; they build their goggles so they last longer and, if parts of the goggle are wearing out, they offer replacement parts (lenses, straps, and face foam) so you don’t have to purchase a whole new pair.

D-Curve uses a few specific technologies to set their goggles apart: 1. Bioactive foam that deodorizes and protects your skin, and is removable and washable; 2. Different lens colors for the various light conditions you’ll experience on the slopes; and 3. NASA-developed technology applied to ski goggles to cancel out hazy blue light waves. Specifically for their Tuku goggles, these are rim-less (adding additional comfort and peripheral visibility, and includes 100% UV protection, fast-acting anti-fog features, and a hydrophobic coating. Put all this together, and you’ve got yourself one of the best pairs of affordable ski goggles available. More on D-Curve on our blog and podcast. ($100, $70 with Reddy Yeti membership)

3. Ovan Eyewear

Ovan is a high-quality ski and sunglasses brand dedicated to performance with an emphasis on artistic design. This combination is evident in their Ptarmigan Night Owl goggles; for practical performance, you’re looking at a sleek RAD (Rapid Adaptive Design) system that allows you to change your lens or strap in seconds to better fit skiing and riding conditions. Ovan’s lenses are optically true with 274 degree field of vision, providing for true clarity of sight and no distortion, and built with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and reflection-fighting features. The goggles’ frames are super light, built with an additional nylon gasket for maintain structural integrity and longevity, and includes vertical active venting and hydrophobic venting foam. Check out the strap on the Ptarmigan Night Owl and Ovan’s other ski goggles for their commitment to artistry as well. (40% off with Reddy Yeti membership)

4. Glade Optics

Glade Optics keeps it simple; their goal to create premium ski gear “without all the bullshit”. This ski brand was born in Vermont and built in Colorado, and their products are thoroughly tested and researched in the nearby mountains. While Glade builds products for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, I’m going to highlight their Challenger goggles built with the expert skier in mind. These goggles will provide clean, clear vision in any and all conditions; flat light, bluebird, whiteout, and everything in between. Durable and comfortable, Glade’s Challenger uses cutting edge anti-fog and anti-scratch mirrored coatings, 100% UV protection, multiple lens options, and a double lens system. They also made it on the 2018 Blister Recommended list. Learn more about Glade Optics on our blog, or right from their founder on our podcast. ($94.99, $80.75 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Learn more about Till I Die in Reddy Yeti’s blog post and podcast episode!

5. Dragon Alliance

Dragon Alliance, besides sounding like something out of Game of Thrones, is a badass outdoor eyewear and accessories brand focused on building high functioning and performing products for snowboarders and youth adventurists. Their X2S snow goggles include a swiftlock lens changing system for easy replacement and cleaning, Lumalens color optimized lenses for heightened color vividness and better depth perception, 100% UV protection, and anti-fog coating. These features are meant to reduce eye fatigue and keep you riding safely longer. ($270)

6. Zionor

Zionor builts ski goggles with high quality, durable material and innovative designs. A great example of this is their LAGOPUS X4 Ski Goggle; these goggles feature a wide spherical frameless design for optimal peripheral vision. Like Drop, they also utilize a magnetic quick lens change system for easy switching out and cleaning. Zionor’s goggles provide 100% UV protection, dual layer lens for anti-fog and anti-wind functionality, and three layers of foam for a comfortable fit on your face. ($54.99)

7. Tailgate Industries

This is deviating slightly from the ski goggle-specific listing, but I’d be remiss not to mention Tailgate’s awesome goggle cases and covers. The soft covers will protect your goggles while they’re on your helmet, while their rigid, fleece-lined, durable cases will protect your goggles while they’re in your bag or pocket. Both products are small and easy to carry with you and constructed from recycled materials (plus, they look baller).

(Soft covers $19.95 or $13.97 with Reddy Yeti Membership, Hard cases $29.95 or $20.97 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Looking for some sweet skiing apparel to go with these goggles? We’ve got a few brands to recommend.

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