Best Outdoor Sports Startups of 2017

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Every year there are hundreds of new startups in the outdoor world that are advancing the way we get outside. It’s super easy to lose track of all these new outdoor brands, especially if you aren't attending the OR show each year or your job isn’t to discover the best outdoor gear startups, like mine is ;)


At, we share the latest and greatest outdoor startups so you don’t have to worry about missing any (at least none of the good ones).


Below you will find our list of the best outdoor sports startups of 2017.


Outdoor Food Startups:

Bearded Brothers Bars
Bearded Brothers Bars

Bearded Brothers (

Next on our list of the best outdoor sports startups involves food. The food you bring on your adventures is super important. That is why we included Bearded Brothers. Founded in 2011, they make their bars with an average of seven ingredients per bar. Their organic, non-gmo energy bars will Fuel Your Adventure. Not only do they taste great, but they are gluten & soy free, low glycemic, and are a great source of fiber and protein. Founders Chris and Caleb created Bearded Brothers because they were looking for a 100% organic energy bar with pure raw ingredients that would keep up with their lifestyle. Through the ReddyYeti Membership you can get 15% off all the Bearded Brothers bars you can eat.

Bricks Bars
Bricks Bars

Bricks Bars (

Continuing with more food brands, Bricks Bars strives to make Paleo Certified bars that are baked with sustainable grass fed, grass finished lean meats, organic veggies, fruit, seeds and organic coconut oil. Founded by Michael and Michele Williams, we included them on our list of the best outdoor sports startups because they are among the few protein bar companies that don’t add a ton of garbage to their product. Bricks Bars are high quality, great tasting, nutrient dense, real food you can eat on the go. Their bars are low in sugar, soy free, gluten free, milk free and grain free. Each Bricks Bar is full of awesome nutrients, Omega 3 fatty acids, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (or CLA) and real protein from pastured meats. Through the ReddyYeti Membership you can get 25% off of all your orders for the entire year.


HIking & Camping Startups:

Adventure Mat (

Probably one of the most innovative outdoor sports brands, Adventure Mat was founded by Ralph Kuhlmeier in 2015. Their mission was to solve the issue of standing on your shoes or car mat while changing out of your ski, snowboard, hiking, camping, or other outdoor gear. Its innovative design allows it to fold on itself, never letting the dirty side touch the clean side. It is a compact, clean, grippy, reusable, simple and quick-drying mat that you can store in the back of your car. Get your own Adventure Mat for 20% off through the ReddyYeti Membership.

point6 socks

Point6 Hiking Socks (

Regardless of the kind of hiking you are doing, you need socks that will protect your feet. That is exactly why we included Point6 on our list of the best outdoor sports startups. Some may not consider them a startup, as they were founded in 2008 by the creators of SmartWool, Patty and Peter Duke. But with only 12 employees and such a high quality product, we couldn’t exclude them. Point6, which is named after 98.6 degrees F, utilizes only compact-spun Merino wool yarn -- a much tighter yarn than ring-spun yarn -- making for a much more comfortable and warmer sock. The wool is woven into a "matrix, or tic-tac-toe box," says Peter, to create a form-fitting product. Through the ReddyYeti Membership you can get 25% off of all the socks you could ever need form Point6. 

Nozipp Sleeping bag
Nozipp Sleeping bag

No Zipp Sleeping Bags (

In my opinion, having a great sleeping bag is key for overnight hiking trips. You want a bag that can handle any temperature and that has a zipper that doesn’t get stuck when you get in and out. This is why we included NoZipp on our list of the best outdoor sports startups. Created by Taylor Henderson, No Zipp was founded on a tinkering desire to solve problems. After an epic zipper struggle in 2014, the idea to make less annoying and consistent gear was seeded. After many revisions, and too many nights sleeping in subpar prototypes, the NoZipp sleeping bag was born. Never deal with a zipper snag again. NoZipp has replaced zippers with high strength, precisely aligned magnets. The patent pending system provides a quicker and more reliable opening and closure method. Get 15% off all the Nozipp sleeping bags you could ever need through the ReddyYeti Membership 


Snow Sports Startups:

Slant Skis

Slant Skis (

Slant was started in 2007 by founder Josh Bennett in a garage rented from Shane McConkey in Truckee, CA. When Josh started Slant, his focus was to build the highest quality skis on the market, while also sourcing all of their materials in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Slant has since moved out of the garage and into their factory, The Tahoe Snow Lab. They now have a handful of employees that enjoy making skis almost as much as they enjoy skiing. I included them on this list because I personally rock the Slant Cornelious and it is hands down the best pow ski I’ve ever been on. You can check out my review here. You can also gain 20% off all of their skis through the ReddyYeti Membership.

Dolfin Pack

DolfinPack (

If you are an avid skier, snowboarder or outdoor enthusiast, then you probably own a version of a Camelbak, right? Well even if you don’t, you should check out the DolfinPack which is perfect for all of you outdoor adventures. DolfinPack made the list of best outdoor sports startups because they made a more versatile hydration pack. You can take it in the water and it won’t bounce up and down on your back. It is so form-fitting that you forget it was there. You can literally do anything with this hydration pack. Founded in 2014 by two friends who wanted to be able to bring water on all of their adventures without it being a hassle. Get your hands on one for your next adventure! You can also gain 20% off all of their packs through the ReddyYeti Membership.

Parlor Skis

Parlor Skis (

New England’s custom ski builders. Have you ever wanted to build your own skis? Parlor offers ski building classes in their East Boston shop. Handmade skis you can personally be proud of. “Parlor skis are custom built from the highest quality products. They incorporate the latest trends in ski design, with a keen eye toward the history of the sport, to craft a product and experience to enjoy.” Gain 15% off all of their skis and ski building classes through the ReddyYeti Membership.

Char Ski Poles

Char Poles: (

Founded in 2012 by Alex Carr after he forgot to adjust his ski bindings before leaving on a backcountry tour. After two plus hours of bootpacking his way to the top of his line, he went to click in and realized his friend borrowed his skis and he forgot to adjust the bindings back. Not having a multi tool, he had no choice but to bootpack his way down. Annoyed that he forgot a simple screwdriver, Alex came up with the idea to add a multi tool to his ski poles, along with a camera mount and a bottle opener. Today, Char Poles is the most functional and innovative ski pole brand on the market. Get your hands on a brand new pair of Char Poles for 40% off through the ReddyYeti Membership


Climbing Startups:

Boulder Denim (

Whether you’re hiking short distances or spending multiple days in the backcountry, you want your pants to be comfortable and built to handle anything you throw at them. Founded by Bradley Spence & Taz Barrett in Vancouver BC,  "it started as an obsession to find a comfortable pair of jeans that you could put on in the morning and wear cycling, hiking or climbing, and still look stylish for a meeting or night out.” We included Boulder Denim in our list of the best hiking gear startups because their jeans use elastic material that ensures maximum mobility. Their jeans are not only hyper-elastic, but are stain resistant and hydrophobic. They’re perfect for climbing, hiking, or just lounging around. I’ve had a pair for the past year and have worn them during long drives, out with friends, climbing Mount Washington in NH and so many other adventures. They are the most comfortable pair of jeans/pants I’ve ever worn. Use the ReddyYeti Membership To get 20% off all your orders on Boulder Denim. 

Static Climbing
Static Climbing

Static Climbing (

Each climbing bag is completely handmade and uniquely designed. Fabrics are sourced from all over in local markets to specialty stores as well as fabric stores. As a company They strive to source their materials from small companies or foundations to help support growing brands when possible. Each bag begins with over 13 separate pieces and are carefully sewn together to create a one of a kind bag. Check out all of their awesome designs and gain 15% off all their products through the ReddyYeti Membership.


Travel Startups:

under 30 Experiences

Under30Experiences: (under30experiences)

Group travel for 21 - 35 year olds. I had the opportunity to take a trip through Under30x to Alaska and it blew my mind. Under30x was founded by Matt Wilson and Jared O’Tool with the intention of helping young professionals experience and explore the world. They run trips to places like Iceland, Machu Picchu , Bali, Brazil and so many more. If you want to take a trip of a lifetime with like minded people, I couldn’t recommend under30x more! Any trip you book through the ReddyYeti Membership will get you $100 off! 

Discover Outdoors

Discover Outdoors (

ocal day trips, camping, and international adventures all year round. Want to learn to ice climb? Maybe you want to explore Banff, Jasper and Yoho? Discover Outdoors is a NYC based company that runs outdoor, guided adventure trips that will challenge and inspire you. Their mission is to improve quality of life through meaningful outdoor experiences. Use the ReddyYeti Membership to gain 20% off all of your trips through Discover Outdoors.

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