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What are your top values when it comes to hiking outside? For me, that’s fun and safety (in that order, sorry Mom). If we have that in common, here’s a list of awesome, innovative hiking gadgets that will up the fun and safety factors for your next adventure on the trail.

Outdoor Element Kodiak Survival Bracelet Small, light, and could save your life

Let’s start this list off with a bang, shall we? Outdoor Element’s Kodiak Survival Bracelet packs about 10 contingency plans in a small, 1.44oz bracelet to keep you hiking with confidence. Outdoor Element was founded by a mechanical engineer, and it shows in this innovative product. The Kodiak paracord contains two lines of 20lb fishing line, a fishing hook, tinder to start a fire, and nylon strands. The buckle itself has its own patent-pending spark technology for easy fire starting. To top it off, the bracelet includes a label for your name, blood type, allergies, and emergency phone number in case someone comes to your aid. To get the full scope of this small-yet-mighty hiking, backpacking, backcountry wilderness-exploring gadget, check out Outdoor Element’s video. ($24.99, $18.74 with Reddy Yeti discount)

Thrupack Fast Bum Keep the important things close and accessible

True to its name, Thrupack was founded by a thru-hiker who completed both the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. After trying to optimize his hiking gadgets for lighter weight and accessibility using the available products, he decided that he’d be better off making his own - and we’re glad he did! The Fast Bum is one of his creative “hip-packs” (let’s be honest, they’re fanny packs, there’s no need to be ashamed) that is designed to keep your important items close and tight during your hike (phone, sunscreen, bugspray, bar, sunglasses). The Fast Bum, with its comfy padding and 1L capacity, is a smaller version of his original hip-pack, better fit for a day hike or faster thru-hikers. 1” strap included, 9” x 4.5” x 2”, 2.7oz with strap. ($35, $29.75 with Reddy Yeti discount and free shipping anywhere in the US)

LifeStraw Flex With Collapsible Squeeze Bottle Filtered water that conforms to your backpack

Keeping this innovative technology trend going, we’ve got one of LifeStraw’s newer inventions: their LifeStraw Flex With Collapsible Squeeze Bottle. It combines the technology of LifeStraw’s light and long-lasting signature water filtration product with further protection and collapsible squeeze bottle for outdoor hikes, travel, and survival. The LifeStraw filters out heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, microplastics, pesticides, and herbicides and can handle 500 gallons of water (more than 1.5 years of drinking water) before needing to be replaced. And even then, there’s a replaceable carbon filter that lasts 25 more gallons. When it comes to hiking, you can plan to fill up at streams, lakes, and rivers along your trail and just put the malleable squeeze bottle into your backpack. Just in case you needed another nudge, LifeStraw gives back with every purchase; with each product purchased, one school child gets one year of clean water. ($34.95, $24.47 with Reddy Yeti discount)

Liquid Hardware Aurora Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug Some like it hot

Liquid Hardware crafts stainless steel containers, specializing in functionality and designs to fit in the backcountry. Their patented magnetic lid technology will keep your water, coffee, whiskey where you want it: in the bottle, not on the hiking trail. The magnets in the bottle and lid prevent spillage and leakage. The Aurora Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug takes these innovations to the next level, with magnets in between the bottle’s two layers of stainless steel so you can stick the lid to the side of the bottle itself while you’re drinking. You’ll never lose the lid again! The coffee mug is BPA-free with a lifetime guarantee and a wide mouth to make it easy to both fill and clean. A super cool touch on this hiking gadget is the three simple-yet-elegant outdoor-minded designs you can choose from: Moose, Wolf, or Bison. ($27.95, $20.97 with Reddy Yeti discount)

Green Traveler Food/Beverage Container Eat better on the trail

Green Traveler only has one product, but it will solve all of your portable food problems. Their Food/Beverage container, with 6 liquid-tight compartments and two carabiner clip loops, is travel-friendly, hiking and adventure-ready, and versatile. With the Green Traveler, you can pack something a little more glam for your day hike than your regular PB + J; pack up some Thai that you cooked the night before and don’t even worry about it leaking into the compartment you’re using for your fruit and trail mix. Green Traveler is huge on being eco-friendly, so their product is meant to last as long as you’re adventuring. They offer both a lifetime guarantee for their product and a recycling program to provide replacement parts. ($35.99, $28.79 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Out Gear Recreation Singled Out Hammock Because half the fun is hanging out

Out Gear Recreation is a brainchild of Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, founded to build products that facilitate adventure and an active lifestyle. Their flagship products are their triple stitched, mildew-resistant hammock. Hiking can be hard work, and you should let yourself enjoy the fruits of your effort; set up a hammock overlooking that incredible view that you can only see because you hiked several miles into the backcountry. The Singled Out Hammock is super light (only 13.4oz) and packs down to the size of a softball. It comes with carabiners, loop ends, and stuff sack, and can hold up to 400lbs. Every hammock is sewn in Pennsylvania, hammock straps are sold separately. ($74.95, $56.21 with Reddy Yeti discount)

Manda Organic Sun Protection For your skin’s love-hate relationship with the sun

If you’re planning to go hiking on a sunny day, definitely throw their Organic Sun Creme, Sun Paste, and Paw Paw Salve into your pack for before/after skin protection. The Organic Sun Creme is ideal for any outdoor activity where you’ll be in the sun for a sustained period of time; hiking, beach lazing, surfing, etc. With 50 SPF Thanaka-based lotion, the sun creme will prevent sunburns without that feeling like you’re covered in chemicals that you can get from standard brands. Immediately after your hiking adventure, lathering on Organic Paw Paw Salve will soothe, nourish, and protect against dry skin. Manda’s flagship product, their Organic Sun Paste, goes on vulnerable spots that see a lot of time in the sun (cheekbones, nose, ears, shoulders) when you’re planning on spending the entire day outside on the trail. All of Manda’s product containers are manufactured using a sugar cane-based bio-plastic and are 100% recyclable. (Sun Creme $32, $24 with Reddy Yeti discount; Paw Paw Salve $26, $19.50 with Reddy Yeti discount; Sun Paste $18, $13.50 with Reddy Yeti discount)

Speaqua Cruise Wireless Bluetooth Speaker I hope you like jammin’ too

Speaqua designs products for a very clear, functional purpose: bring more music, more places. The founders are surfers and outdoor enthusiasts, and they build their speakers for people like them who love to explore with a soundtrack. If that rings true for you, check out their Cruise Wireless Bluetooth Speaker; it packs powerful audio your pocket using convenient dual-pairing streaming technology. If you like to hike in tune, toss the Cruise speaker into your pocket or backpack the next time you hit the trail. Up to 5 hours of listening per battery charge. ($24.99, $19.49 with Reddy Yeti discount)

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