Best Chalk Bags for Indoor and Outdoor Climbing

The days are getting longer, my friends. That means ditching the climbing gym on weekends and hitting the real rocks. One piece of gear every top-roper, leader, boulderer, or climber of any other variation needs is a trusty chalk bag. These innovative, small-scale brands are producing some awesome handmade chalk bags that will have you performing your best and looking good doing it - in the gym and on the real granite.

Static Climbing

Static has been at the chalk bag game since 2014. Since their inception, they’ve developed several lines of badass bags that are both aesthetically striking and high-performance. All of their chalk bags are manufactured with earth-friendly, locally-sourced materials, feature anti-pill fleece lining, are 7” in height and 4.5” in diameter, and include a Paracord drawstring and belt loops.

Waxed Canvas Collection

These chalk bags are simple and elegant, built with waxed canvas so they are sturdier and less likely to tip over than your average chalk bag. Every time you grab for another handful of chalk or toss the chalk bag into your duffel with your other gear, the resulting creases in the bag will leave a mark telling the story of your adventures. To see a review and live demo the waxed canvas chalk bag, click here. (Starting at $35, $31.50 with the Reddy Yeti discount)


Artist Series

Static truly takes the chalk bag design game to the next level with the next two collections. The Artist Series chalk bags are inspired by artists from around the world. This is a limited release collection, with the sale of each bag supporting a different cause (non-profit or supporting aspiring artists. They offer several different designs, most with an outdoor theme/landscape, some more realistic and others more abstract. (Starting at $35, $31.50 with the Reddy Yeti discount)


Nomad Collection

This collection’s unique designs feature really fun color and shape patterns. The fabric is mostly earth tones with splashes of color. (Starting at $45, $40.50 with the Reddy Yeti discount)


Orbital Climbing

Orbital Climbing is a small climbing-gear-made-by-and-for-climbers company based out of Nashville, TN. They specialize in small batch skin care products for climbers, and developed handmade chalk bag and chalk as they expanded their product lines.

Waxed Canvas Chalk Bag and Climbing Chalk

Orbital’s chalk bag features a simple and clean two-color scheme. ($35, $24.50 with the Reddy Yeti discount)

Their big differentiator is their high performance climbing chalk. Made with the highest quality and purity climbing chalk (MgCo3), this chalk provides reliable grip while maintaining healthy skin. As you’re perspiring your way up a tougher climb, this chalk will improve long-lasting friction by reducing sweat and moisture (with no drying agents, fillers, or heavy metals!) The chalk comes in eco-friendly packaging and weighs 0.25kg/8.82oz. ($15.95, $11.17 with the Reddy Yeti discount)

Stoked Climbing

Stoke Climbing was founded by a couple who love getting outside and climbing. They started out developing holds and other products to supply a home climbing gym, and have developed several different types of chalk bags. Here are a couple of their unique offerings:

Veggie Chalk Bag

The founders of Stoked have so many vegan friends, so they decided to create a climbing bag that fits their lifestyle: no beeswax! This bag is built with cotton canvas and PU leather (an artificial leather material made with polyurethane). ($35, $28 with the Reddy Yeti discount)


Waxey Meet Zippy

This deal combines Stoked’s Waxey Chalk Bag with their Little Zippy pouch. Both items are handmade by the founder using US-based waxed fabrics. The chalk bag also features soft Minky Sherpa lining. The Zippy is perfect for holding your climbing brush, balm, nail clippers, extra chalk, and any other small items you want to have easy access to on your climbing trip! ($60 for combined package, $48 with the Reddy Yeti discount)

Metolius Climbing

Metolius Climbing has been in the climbing gear business for 25 years. They create chalk bags and other gear with a safer-by-design philosophy, and strive to make the strongest, safest, and most bombproof gear available.

Access Fund Comp Bag

This collection of chalk bags features three of the US’s most popular climbing destinations: Smith, the Grand Tetons, and Yosemite. Metolius gives a portion of the proceeds from these bag sales to the Access Fund, an organization that protects climbing areas across the US. This classic cylinder-shaped competition chalk bag features a stiff, easy-access rim, brush holder, full-length pile lining, and includes a belt. ($19.95)

Uncle Sam Chalk Bag

Like the Access Fund bags, Metolius’ Uncle Sam bag features the same classic shape and features, with a patriotic design that no one will miss on the wall. ($19.95)


8BPLUS creates climbing gear essentials with an unconventional, imaginative, and enthusiastic twist. If you’re looking for a goofy chalk bag to match your laidback nature, check out 8BPLUS’s collection of cartoon-y bags. These could also be a great fit for your little climber-in-training! (Starting at $29.90)

TLDR: Gym rats and outdoor climbers alike will love these unique, sturdy, durable, and innovative climbing bags from smaller scale startups. Differentiate yourself on the wall and have some fun!

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