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Biking is an amazing way to get around, whether you’re commuting in the city, making tracks in mountain trails, or rolling beachside on a lazy Sunday. What’s a lot less fun is wearing a backpack while you bike; the pack can rub against your back, it produces an unnecessary layer of sweat, and maybe even cause some loss of balance. If you’re on the hunt for a bike bag to carry your gear, laptop, or your smaller belongings, take a look at some of these awesome brands.

1. Green Guru Gear

Green Guru Gear has been making innovative, eco-friendly bike bags since 2005. They use upcycled materials like bike tubes, wetsuits, and climbing rope to manufacture their products, so no two bags are alike in color (although they’re all very vibrant and visible on busy streets). One of their bags is the Hauler Bike Pack Saddle Bag, which converts into a messenger bag of the bike. This bike bag is lightweight and provides an easy way to carry a substantial amount of cargo without wearing a pack or weighing down one side of your bike. The design includes universal hook and loop mounting straps, roll-top, easy-access front pockets, all-around frame security, and minimal straps to prevent catching. With 16.2L of capacity, the Hauler Bike Pack can carry of the your essentials for a day of riding. ($100, $65 with Reddy Yeti membership)

2. Bedrock Bags

Bedrock Bags is on a mission to build the best bike bags on the market, and it shows in their thoughtful approach to technical products. They are focused on originality and thinking outside the box to solve problems with existing options. For example, their Moab Handlebar Bag is the first to take advantage of trail bikes’ modern MTB geometry, in contrast to the typical straight cylinder bag designs. The durable, tight bike bag design provides for no bounce or movement when you’re riding on tough trails, and the positioning of the bag keeps the weight close to the steering axis for better handling. The 13L Moab Handlebar Bag is made with water-resistant materials and comes with an included detachable pocket. Note that this bag works best with bikes that have 70-80mm stems or shorter. ($160)

3. Two Wheel Gear

Two Wheel Gear’s caters specifically to the commuter biking through all conditions. Their designs merge the functionality of a travel garment bag with the durability and security of a bike pannier. Two Wheel’s Pannier Backpack Convertible Plus+ bag is a great example of this; as a pannier, this bike bag features an easy adjust mounting system that adapts to all standard and oversized bike racks (including e-bikes) and reflective accents for night visibility. Off the bike, it transforms into a sleek, work-ready 30L backpack with multiple pockets for accessories, expandable mesh water bottle pockets, and an adjustable sternum strap. A rain cover is also included! ($179.99)

4. Slap Bag

Slap Bag is currently a one-product shop adding something completely new to the bike bag market. The Slap Bag is a small bag that mounts right on the intersection of your bike’s handlebars and stem that can fit all of your smaller items (phone, wallet, keys, even a sandwich). The innovative part is the opening and closure system; with a patent pending closure mechanism that functions similarly to a slap bracelet, you can actually open and close the bag with just one hand. Just a simple pull opens the bag and a slap closes it, giving you really easy and quick access on the go or at a stoplight. This small bike bag is also water resistant and stretch-resistant. ($24, $18 with Reddy Yeti membership)

Learn more about Slap Bag on our blog, or right from their founder on our podcast.

5. Blackburn Design

Blackburn Design has been focused on materials, functionality, and innovation in their bike bags and other products since 1975. Their Wayside Backpack & Pannier is their most fashionable hybrid pack option. When transferring from back carrying to cycling mode, the backpack straps fold into a hidden zippered pouch and the pack itself attaches to the rack using a simple webbing. The water resistant 19L pack includes a laptop sleeve and external pockets for organizing, as well as a daisy chain loop webbing for attaching lights or other gear as you’d like. All together with its look and functionality, the Wayside is a great commuting and around-town option. ($80)

6. Revelate Designs

Revelate Designs out of Anchorage, AK is dedicated specifically to the cycling subcategory of bikepacking (basically multi-terrain bike-touring). They make their gear as lightweight and technically functional as possible to keep you riding longer and harder. They offer bags that attach to all different parts of your bike, including the Terrapin System seat bag. Made with Drybag (waterproof laminated nylon) and other high quality materials, this back is completely waterproof and built for quick and easy loading and unloading. It also includes several innovative features for compression and stiffening for better shape, security, and durability.

7. Arkel

Arkel’s a big player in the bike bag game, and their passion is building quality gear to get you out and riding. One of their newer products is the Rollpacker Front Bikepacking Bag. This product comes with a full kit, both bag and aluminum hanger included. It is completely waterproof and features sealed liners to protect your belongings and gear inside the bag. The bike pack also easily slides on and off for easy packing and handling, and will mount on straight or drop bars. This product also has a patent pending, you can learn more about it in Arkel’s video. ($229.99)

8. Ortlieb

Founded in Germany in 1982, Ortlieb’s claim to fame is developing the first waterproof panniers and changing the landscape and possibilities of bike touring. Now they have a diverse collection of products, all of which still feature tightly sealed closure systems. Their Back Roller Classic pannier is constructed from durable polyester fabric and utilizes a waterproof roll closure and includes a shoulder strap for carrying off the bike. This bike bag also features reflectors and an integrated inner pocket for organized storage. Unfortunately, at this time Ortlieb’s products are only available online if you are located in Germany; otherwise, you’ll have to find one of these bad boys in a brick-and-mortar location.

Grab one of these bags and head out on your next biking adventure!

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