Backcountry Desserts Better Than A Smushed Snickers


Yes, Snickers bars are great.They taste great—which isn’t altered by the inevitable squash in your pack—and they’re packed with protein.


Some days, however, you might want something a little bit more interesting. Maybe you want to impress someone special, or convince an outdoor noob  that it’s not all ramen and granola.


Try one of these desserts that are easy to prepare on your next backpacking adventure:


1. Campfire Bananas Foster

This recipe from Backpacker Magazine is so simple and takes only minutes to prepare. Like most backpacking food, it requires a bit of home prep. Simply mix up a bag of spices and nuts. To really spice it up add a bit of whiskey before pouring into a split banana. Throw in some butter and marshmallows, wrap it in foil, and stick in the fire until it becomes a delicious warm treat.


2. Cranberry Bourbon Compote

Lucky for you, this recipe also involves booze. Backcountry cooking doesn’t get any simpler than mashing a bunch of ingredients in a pot and heating it. For this tangy delight from Dirty Gourmet, simply mix dried cranberries, sugar, orange peel, bourbon and chia seeds in a pot and heat until it’s bubbling. To mix it up, you could also add some berries you harvest on the trail.  


3. Scrambled brownies

Not into fruity desserts? Try scrambled brownies, a favorite of National Outdoor Leadership School instructors. It’s so simple there’s barely a recipe. Add water to premade brownie mix and cook on an oiled pan. Once it’s mostly cooked, scrape out the gooey goodness with a spatula. Add chocolate chips, dried fruit or nuts if you want to spruce up your store bought mix.



Author: Emily Butterfield



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