Saola Shoes Cannon | ReddyYeti Gear Review

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Saola Shoes Cannon:

With the Textile industry being the world’s second largest polluter it’s no wonder that Saola Shoes has taken such an aggressive step towards creating sustainable footwear and we are PSYCHED the way the Cannon turned out. Their take on the casual street sneaker hits the nail on the head in terms of style offering a variety of color schemes to cater to your style. Not only are the Saola Cannons easy on the eyes, they’re also super lightweight, comfortable, and eco-friendly shoes for everyday adventures.

What we’re stoked about:

  • Ultra lightweight, flexible, and comfortable as hell

  • Uppers made from 100% recycled PET from plastic bottles giving the look and feel of suede and made from 3-4 recycled plastic bottles.

  • Insoles + soles made from an algae foam. By harvesting excess algae biomass from freshwater ways, freshwater systems are subjected to better water flow to natural ecosystems while utilizing a less harmful and sustainable resource.

  • Algae based outsole is surprisingly lightweight, so they’re easy to wear and easy to pack. Rubber panels at high-contact points assure long-lasting durability.

  • Algae foam + cork insoles provide comfortable cushion (and removable if you have other insole needs).

  • Laces made from organic cotton.

Grab a pair of Saola Cannon’s here!

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Andar Wallets Pilot | ReddyYeti Gear Review

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Andar Pilot Wallet:

The pilot is truly a unique wallet that will turn heads with its sleek design and, even more-so, smart utilitarian design. This ultimate card holder is perfect for anyone looking for an easy access wallet without any of the hassles of digging through a traditional bi-fold wallet to find credit, debit, business cards, or even cash. For starters the Pilot is outfitted with an easy-card-access lever that releases your cards in a tiered arrangement, making it easier to find the card you're looking for. Its money strap makes grabbing cash or a metro card a breeze while, it’s frontal card pouch is the perfect home for an I.D. or coffee shop punch card. Lastly, the Full Grain Leather and Steel combo make for a beautiful aesthetic that gives you the practicality you want while keeping it effortlessly classy.


  • QUICK LEVEL RELEASE - The Pilot, from Andar is a unique slim wallet that quickly and neatly gradually slides your cards out with one click. The front pocket is specifically made for your most used card, middle pocket for up to 6 cards and cash strap to hold currency.

  • SECURE - Andar Wallets are secured with RFID anti-theft blocking materials to prevent you from being a victim of e-Pick Pocketers. The entire wallet is protected with RFID blocking materials which block 10MHz to 3000MHz frequencies and can securely carry 5-6 cards in the center slot and 1-2 cards in the front.

  • ULTRA SLIM - The Pilot card case or wallet is perfect for holding business cards, credit cards, drivers license, other identifications, and cash. Its slim design can be used for Front or Back Pocket carry.

  • QUALITY LEATHER AND CRAFTSMANSHIP - Crafted with an obsessive attention to detail, our wallets are hand crafted from beautiful Full Grain Leather. Wallet measures 4" L x 2 7/8" W x 1/2" H

  • GREAT GIFT - Andar wallets are perfect for gifts, each one is packaged nicely in Andar’s signature cotton pouch and gift box

Pick up a Andar Pilot Wallet Here!

Filmed at & Supported by Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge

Andar Wallets Ranger | ReddyYeti Gear Review

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Andar Ranger Wallet:

A conglomeration of Andars wallets, The Ranger adds even more slimness to the everyday wallet. Having features we love such as The Monarch's pull tab feature, The Duke's leather cash strap, and The Baron's V pocket design. A close brother to The Apollo, The Ranger makes it easy to access your everyday cards quickly. The leather cash strap holds several bills and each pocket in the wallet is protected by RFID blocking materials to prevent personal credit card information from being stolen.


  • 4 card slots (With front quick access slot)

  • Holds 1-10 cards

  • Pull Tab Pocket (Similar to The Monarch's pull tab feature)

  • Cash Strap

  • Full Grain Leather

  • RFID protected

  • Measures 4 1/8" L x 2 15/16" W x 3/8" H

  • 1 Year Warranty

Pick up a Andar Ranger Wallet Here!

Filmed at & Supported by Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge

Asana Sidekick Crash Pad + Pro Spotter Pad | ReddyYeti Gear Review

Asana Sidekick Crash Pad + Pro Spotter Pad | ReddyYeti Gear Review

Sidekick Crash Pad:

The Sidekick pad is the perfect starter or add-on pad to any of the other Asana Crash Pads! There is no such thing as too much padding when bouldering and having that extra cushion will only add safety to your sessions. This pad is a boiled-down simplified version of Asana's other pads. The foam structure handles, and bomber cover construction is still the same but, removed the flaps and padding on the shoulder straps have been removed. Asana's goal is to add a cheaper less complicated option to boost the effectiveness of some of their more complex models allowing you to add square footage and thickness to your landing zone for less.

Pro Spotter Pad:

This multifunctional bad boy is bringing a lot more to the table than the average supplemental pad. At a glance, it’s a sit-start pad and the finest of it’s kind at that. Beyond that, it can be used as a spotter shield to provide better air control to help your partner land on the crash pad in the event of any falls. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the pad can unzip to reveal a "pile pad" which eliminates gaps in crashpads to prevent torqued ankles and prevent gaps in your crash pad pile. Lastly, this pad when folded one time in half down the long seam functions as a comfortable sleeping pad that’s perfect for overnight climbing sessions.

Butora Acro | ReddyYeti Gear Review

Butora Acro | ReddyYeti Gear Review

The Acros is an extremely comfortable down-camber climbing shoe best suited for steep sport climbing and bouldering. With it's larger toe box, toe-hooks are a breeze while it's reinforced heel cup provides plenty of support while heel hooking, as well. The Acro is made up of a mix of leather and synthetic padding which offers a little more flexibility than your average shoe while offering ample stability. Though the Acro is not Butora's only wide option, having that choice available is a breath of fresh air, especially for those with a wider foot. We were blown away by the performance and feel of this shoe from the get-go.

Butora Narsha | ReddyYeti Gear Review

Butora Logo

Butora has done it again, creating the next best thing for gym and boulderers alike, the Narsha Tight Fit Climbing Shoe. Making waves with a bold look, its unique rubber pattern on the toe is designed to add additional grip when toe-hooking. With an incredibly aggressive downturned toebox makes this a dream for boulderers and gym climbers. This little number isn't just beautiful on the outside but has a tremendous amount of unique features added to its design to make it one of the top performing shoes on the market.


  • Aggressive down-camber perfect for bouldering and gym climbing

  • Full Neo rubber coverage of toe and heel to make toe and heel hooks a breeze

  • Unique heel and rand system that stretches four different ways for a perfect fit

  • Adjustable Internal NFS strap for easy, quick, adjustments -Incredibly unique and attractive aesthetic

Pick up a pair of Butora Narsha’s here and find out more about the brand from our interview with Butora co-owner Bradley Hilbert

Filmed at & Supported by Steep Rock Bouldering

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