Ambassador Program Application


What it means to apply to become an ambassador:

Once you fill out the below ambassador form it will be sent to the decision make at the brand. They will review it and if they feel you would make a good fit with their brand, they will reach out to you. This Process can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple of weeks. By submitting a form we do not guarantee that you will become an ambassador but that you will be considered. 

What will give you the greatest chance of being considered:

While you can fill out one form and send it to as many brands as you would like. To gain the highest chance of being accepted, we recommend that you send your application to each brand individually and state why you feel you would make a great fit for their brand. The more detail you can give the better.

What kind of perks are included in being an ambassador:

There are a wide variety of perks offered by our brands to ambassadors. These perks will be setup by the brands when they follow up with you. Perks can include steeper discounts then you currently receive on ReddyYeti, access to free gear, exclusive events and other swag. 


What startups are you interested in becoming an ambassador for?



Brands with specific requirements 

Fill out the forms on these brands sites to have the highest chance of consideration

Boulder Denim   

3rd Rock

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