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Did you Know There are Thousands of New Startups in the Action Sports Industry Every Year?


How Many of them do you know?


About six years ago I was one of these startups. I started building my own skis with one of my best friends. We wanted to start a ski company that was going to change the way skis were made. 

     This is the first pair of skis we ever built.

     This is the first pair of skis we ever built.


In our pursuit of building the perfect pair of skis we stumbled upon other boutique ski companies with the exact same mission. 

We realized there are thousands of these companies in action sports that so many people like us haven't heard of.  


What all of these brands had in common was their love for their sport and their dedication to improving it. 

At ReddyYeti we want to help these startups grow and progress their sports into something amazing.  

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How do we Plan on Doing This? 


It's simple; each season of the year, spring, summer, fall and winter, we will create a giveaway of 3-5 products from these up and coming brands. All you have to do is enter your email for a chance to win.



With each giveaway, we will create a full write up on the featured startups. We will tell their stories, who they are, and why they do what they do. 



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Why are we Doing This?


We want to help startups in action sports grow, so that they can continue to progress all of the sports that we are so passionate about. 


If you want to help us build this platform and have a chance to win gear from these brands enter your email below to find out when our first giveaway launches.

If you are are a startup in action sports or know a startup that would like to be apart of our giveaways reach out to